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Brett Rivkind, Speaker in Congress and Safety Advocate, Representing Passengers and Crew Worldwide Who Have Been Injured or Victimized on Any Type of Vessel at Sea, Including:
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  • Cargo Ships
  • Recreational Boats
  • Jet Skis
  • Yachts
  • Ferries
  • Sailboats
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  • Tugboats and Barges
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Verdicts & Settlements

Miami maritime lawyer Brett Rivkind and our legal team at Rivkind and Margulies, P.A., have represented thousands of victims of accidents on all types of ships and boats, including victims of crimes such as sexual assault. Each case is unique and requires the expertise of a skilled and experienced admiralty and maritime lawyer to evaluate both the liability aspects of the cases as well as the damages. Our vast experience in handling almost every conceivable type of maritime accident case allows us to benefit you by bringing this experience and knowledge to your case.

In fact, over the past five years, our firm has obtained verdicts and settlements for our clients for over $20 million dollars. We hope to have the privilege of handling your maritime case. Your choice an attorney is a very important one. We invite you to meet personally with us to discuss your case and get to know us. There is no charge for a consultation.

Here are some of the verdicts and settlements obtained by our South Florida cruise ship and boating lawyers:

  • Cruise ship crew member case involving a cleaner from suffered a cumulative trauma disorder involving his back, and then was provided with negligent medical care treatment. The jury found the cruise line accountable to the crew member. Verdict of $6.3 million. See Article.
  • Cabin Steward was struck in the knee by a heavy piece of luggage. Company failed to provide prompt, proper and adequate medical care and treatment resulting in an unsuccessful knee surgery which led to an unnecessary knee replacement surgery. Verdict of $2,930,000.00. PRWeb Article.
  • Passenger seriously injured when tender boat from cruise ship speeds from dock without properly untying rope resulting in the bitt on the boat breaking loose and propelling through the air and striking the passenger. Serious injuries, physical and psychological. Confidential settlement obtained.
  • Passenger injured when exiting casino room and tripping over electrical cords not properly secured, resulting in a shoulder injury. Verdict of $375,000.00.
  • 14-year-old in teenage program sexually assaulted by a fellow passenger; case brought for negligent supervision; case was settled for a confidential amount.
  • 16-year-old passenger sexually assaulted by a bartender on the cruise ship after being improperly served alcoholic beverages by the bartender. Case was settled for a confidential amount.
  • Passenger sexually assaulted in her cabin after returning from casino. Case was settled for a confidential amount.
  • Worker crushed when steel plates suddenly fall on him because they were improperly secured. Suffered internal injuries. Settlement of $1.2 Million.
  • Worker falls while painting on the bridge of ship due to failure to utilize proper safety devices and proper supervision. Settlement of $610,000.00.
  • Piano player during lifeboat drill is in lifeboat that drops suddenly due to faulty safety mechanism resulting in serious injuries. Confidential settlement.
  • Crewmember falls into hole of vessel resulting in serious injuries. Settlement of $2.1 Million.
  • Singer/dancer aboard cruise ship injured when lifeboat she is in during a lifeboat drill plunges to the water impacting her career as a singer and dancer. Confidential settlement obtained.
  • Action brought on behalf of more than 250 families who lost loved ones during a fire onboard a cruise ship. Confidential settlement was reached after appeals.
  • Families lose loved ones during the loss of the Windjammer cruise ship Fantome, which was the subject of a novel called the Ship and the Storm. Multiple settlements obtained for the families.
  • A crewmember suffers a stroke as a result of the failure to receive proper medical care and attention while onboard for a ship for his high blood pressure. Verdict of $2.7 Million.
  • Passenger seriously injured due to slip and fall on a slippery marble floor aboard a cruise ship. Confidential settlement.
  • Passenger injured during the process of getting on and off tender boat during a cruise. Confidential settlement.
  • Crewmember injured during luggage operations and suffers herniated disc. Verdict of $1 Million.
  • Crewmember slips and falls in the kitchen area suffering myofascial back injury which precludes him from returning to work onboard the ship. Confidential settlement.
  • 15-year-old on cruise with parents falls overboard after improperly being served alcohol aboard cruise ship. Confidential settlement.
  • Suit on behalf of parents against cruise ship company for disappearance of George Smith during his honeymoon cruise aboard a cruise ship. Confidential settlement.
  • 21-year-old falls overboard after being served an excessive amount of alcohol onboard ship. Confidential settlement.
  • Passenger injured while participating in rock climbing aboard cruise ship, seriously injured due to negligence of the cruise ship employee handling of the ropes. Confidential settlement.
  • Passengers bringing claims for physical and emotional injuries suffered as a result of the cruise ship heading into a forecasted storm. Confidential settlement.
  • Passenger injured when trips and falls over a threshold at door entrance into restroom which is excessively high. Confidential settlement.
  • Passenger falls down a set of stairs when going from one area in the dining room to another because the step down is not clearly marked of visible. Confidential settlement.
  • Crew member on tugboat injures back handling heavy lines. Verdict of $3.7 Million.
  • Crewmember falls down stair and suffers back injury. Verdict of $100,000.00.
  • Crewmember pulls large suitcase from trolley and suffered injury to his back. Company failed to provide, prompt, proper and adequate medical care and treatment. Verdict of $1,077,650.00.
  • Crewmember fractures ankles and then develops Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, now referred to as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Confidential settlement.
  • Crewmember injured while transporting heavy carpet up set of stairs. Verdict for an unsafe job task causing back injury.
  • Passenger slips and falls near buffet table due to improper maintenance and supervision of area, resulting in wet, slippery and dangerous conditions. Confidential settlement.
  • Eight year old injured during onboard ship activity of teen program, suffers head injury. Action for negligent supervision and creating an unsafe activity. Confidential settlement.
  • Passenger dies when he falls from bridge of a ship while exploring in an area not properly barricaded. Confidential settlement.
  • Action for alleged fraud in the sale of art onboard passenger cruise ship. Confidential settlement.
  • Waiter slipped and fell in kitchen due to ongoing problem in the lateral area of spillage of food and water creating a dangerous condition, causing approximately two accidents per week. Company did not provide rubber mats had slippery floors. Plaintiff had cervical and lumbar herniated discs. Verdict of $980,250.00.

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**This is just a sample of a few of the thousands of cases we have handled.

Disclaimer: The results above are gross recoveries, before deduction for attorneys' fees and expenses. The deduction for attorney's fees is made because we work on a contingency basis; if we don't recover, you don't pay. Our past results are no guarantee of what result we may obtain in your case.

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Client Reviews
Mr. Rivkind and his team are outstanding and clearly some of the best in the field of maritime law, based on our experience. I appreciate their office for being approachable, extremely professional and pushing relentlessly for the success of my case. Can't thank them enough. Highly recommended! Sherma Noel George
This is the best maritime law firm in my opinion. If you want the best lawyer working on your case, this is the place. This firm is a good professional team with outstanding leadership and talented professionals. Once your case has been settled, you'll likely still continue to hear from Mr. Rivkind. His genuine warmth and kindness makes it near impossible not to become his friend. Thank you Brett for changing my family's life and mine. Willy Dolcin
Mr. Rivkind is highly talented and a very good lawyer. I believe Mr. Rivkind is absolutely the best maritime attorney in the United States. He fought for my rights, and never gave up. He is truly an example to all. The words don't exist to express my gratitude for having him represent me in the battle of my life. Mr. Rivkind you are eternally loved by your client. Virginia Walton
I was a former client of Mr. Rivkind, and I can honestly say that he had a tremendous impact on my life, a very positive one! Mr. Rivkind has exceptionally broad knowledge and experience with maritime law, and he's a great guy who is dedicated to helping people. Always focused, determined, and dedicated to achieving the best results for his clients.
I've nothing but love for Rivkind & Margulies, P.A.. Mr. Brett Rivkind has been there for me more than once and gotten me through some rough times. He gave me a new start, a new life. Mr. Rivkind fought for my medical treatment, for my well-being and to make sure I was given what was owed to me. No one like the best maritime lawyer in the world. Roger Mitchell Hilton
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