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    Cruise Ship Trampoline + Bounce Room Injury Lawyers

    Carnival Cruise’s Carnival Panorama launched the first at-sea trampoline park in 2019 with its Sky Zone.  Other cruise liners are likely to follow suit, and trampoline parks and bounce rooms could become more common on cruise ships.  Although these facilities seem fun, they still carry many of the same risks of injury as their land-based counterparts.

    If you or your child was injured on a trampoline or in a bounce room on a cruise ship, call the cruise ship trampoline park and bounce room accident and injury lawyers at Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A.  Our attorneys have decades of experience handling injury cases for cruise ship passengers injured on rides, attractions, and excursions on cruise ships.  For a free legal consultation on your potential case, call us today at (866) 386-1762.

    Causes and Examples of Trampoline Park Injuries on a Cruise Ship

    Although trampoline parks are rare on cruises, smaller trampolines and other jumping platforms might be good entertainment on other ships; however, the risk of injury might outweigh the entertainment value.  Some of the following injuries are common with both regular trampolines and trampoline parks while some apply only to trampoline parks.  Either way, most injuries occur because of problems with the equipment, negligence by ship staff and crew, and issues specifically with negligent supervision.

    Equipment issues and dangerous trampoline designs can be some of the biggest causes of injury with these amusements.  Most trampolines in bounce rooms or trampoline parks have seams between the trampolines where the spring and frame are hidden under padding.  Landing on this padding instead of the bouncy surface of the trampoline can be painful.  Moreover, sometimes your arm or foot can actually slip under the padding and between the trampoline and the frame, potentially resulting in broken bones, torn ligaments, and other serious injuries.  While the walls are usually padded, some walls, floors, ledges, and other surfaces might not be.  It can still be painful to hit your head against the padded walls or floors, especially if you land badly after a high jump.  This can potentially cause brain injuries, back injuries, broken bones, and other traumatic injuries.  If there are nets, basketball hoops, or other things near the trampolines, people could hit their heads on or be caught in these pieces of equipment, potentially causing additional injuries.

    The ship and the staff that monitor the trampoline park are responsible for everyone there.  That means it is their responsibility to keep the place safe and clean to prevent slipping or falling from wet surfaces, objects left behind on trampolines, and other dangers.  They should also have proper rules and policies posted to help prevent injuries involving children who are too small to safely use the trampolines, roughhousing, or dangerous misuse of the trampolines.

    When policies and rules fail, it is up to the ship’s staff to monitor the situation and ensure that people use the trampolines properly.  If someone is being dangerous and could cause injuries to other passengers, they should be asked to leave the trampoline park.  Staff also needs to be present at the site to get emergency help and first aid when necessary.  Failing to provide proper supervision could be considered negligent.

    Suing for Injuries on a Trampoline or at a Trampoline Park on a Cruise Ship

    If you were hurt on a trampoline on a cruise ship, you may be entitled to sue the cruise ship for its negligence.  Cruise ships and cruise lines are often responsible for the negligence of their staff and crewmembers.  This means that any mistakes or errors that can be attributed to improper maintenance, bad safety rules and policies, or negligent supervision at the trampoline park could justify a lawsuit against the cruise line.  Our attorneys have decades of experience bringing injury lawsuits against cruise ships to seek compensation for injury victims and their families.

    Suing a cruise ship for negligence often means suing it under maritime law.  U.S. maritime law governs American ships in international waters and typically allows victims to sue a cruise ship in the U.S. for injuries that occurred abroad.  If the injury occurred while the ship was in port, you might be able to file the lawsuit in the state where the ship was docked.  Either way, our cruise ship injury lawyers can help you file your lawsuit and fight to get compensation from the at-fault cruise ship.

    Damages for Injuries at a Cruise Ship Trampoline Park or Sky Zone

    If you were injured, you may face expensive medical bills to treat the injuries, lost wages if you are unable to return to work because of the injuries, and pain and suffering from the physical and mental effects of the injury.  These damages can be compensated in a lawsuit by proving to the jury how much these damages cost you.  Intangible damages like physical pain and mental or emotional suffering can also be claimed even though there is no concrete proof of what these damages cost.

    It is important to understand that when you sue a cruise ship, the cruise company’s insurance company and legal team may work to shut down your claim or try to force you into a low settlement.  The damages paid by insurance companies or in a settlement may be too low to cover your needs, and you should always review your case with an injury attorney before accepting any payments for your damages.

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    Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind have been representing cruise ship injury victims for decades.  If you or a member of your family suffered a serious injury anywhere on a cruise ship, including in a bounce room or at an onboard trampoline park, our attorneys might be able to help you seek compensation from the cruise line.  For a free legal consultation and help understanding what your claim might be worth, call us today at (866) 386-1762.

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