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How to Get Medical Records from Another Country for an Injury on a Cruise

Going on a cruise ship is a fun, exciting vacation. But what if you sustain an injury while abroad and visit a foreign doctor? In that case, it is crucial to learn how to get access to those medical records. Doing so can greatly strengthen your future claim for compensatory damages against a negligent party. […]

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How Long Does a Boat Insurance Company Have to Settle a Claim?

Boat accidents are especially dangerous because there is an added risk of drowning if the boat is damaged or sinks. As such, insurance settlements are very important to boat accident victims. There may or may not be a specific deadline by which boat insurance companies must settle claims depending on where you live. Some states […]

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How Long Does an Insurance Company Have to Settle a Claim in Florida?

Insurance companies are supposed to provide the help that is promised under their policy if you ever find yourself injured. This can help injury victims deal with their mounting medical bills and their inability to work caused by their condition. Florida law creates obligations for insurance companies that force them to act quickly so that […]

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How to Get a Police Report from Another Country for an Injury on a Cruise Ship

Setting sail on a cruise is a dream vacation for many. That being said, a cruise line or other party’s negligence can lead to passenger injuries that require compensation. When that happens, victims should learn how to get a police report from another country if local law enforcement officials documented their injuries. Often, passengers that […]

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Who is Covered Under the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act (LHWCA)?

The work that longshore and dock workers do is both important and dangerous. If you suffered an injury while working on or near navigable waters, you may be able to obtain compensation through the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act (LHWCA). The LHWCA provides benefits to longshore workers, ship builders, harbor construction workers, and others […]

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Should I Sue the Cruise Line Employee or Company if I Was Injured on a Cruise Ship?

Cruise ships are a fun vacation for tourists and travelers, but they are rife with danger. Passengers are frequently injured on cruise ships, and the parties responsible can be held liable in court. An injury on a cruise ship is often the result of employee negligence. You can sue the employee for failing to act […]

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How Many People Go Missing on Cruise Ships Each Year?

If your loved one recently went missing while on a cruise, you may be shocked to learn that it is not an uncommon tragedy. Unfortunately, several passengers disappear while on cruise ships each year. That being said, it may comfort victims’ families to learn that they can often file a lawsuit to hold negligent cruise […]

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Cruising is Making a Comeback

After a rough go during the pandemic, cruise lines are ready to set sail in 2022 leaving the drama of Covid-19 in its wake. With lower positivity rates across the country, more people are feeling confident to travel once again. For cruise lines, a number of regulations put in place during the pandemic have been […]

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Is Boat Insurance Required in Miami, Florida?

Florida law does not require that boat owners and operators obtain insurance for their boat. However, having that insurance can benefit you in a number of circumstances, particularly if another boater does not have insurance and causes an accident that damages your property or injures you. While there is no boat insurance requirement in Florida, […]

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Can I Sue a Public Ferry for an Injury in Florida?

Florida is surrounded by the ocean and beaches, and rivers and bays are scattered throughout the state. As such, ferries are common forms of transportation. While some ferry routes are recreational, others are publicly operated and are an important mode of transportation. There are various ferry services throughout Florida, some private, others public. The state […]

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Who Is Liable for an Injury on a Sightseeing Cruise in Florida?

Personal injuries from incidents on sightseeing cruises can turn a leisurely, enjoyable experience into a costly endeavor with long-term consequences. If the injuries occurred because of someone else’s negligence, you could pursue damages for medical expenses, lost income, and non-economic consequences such as pain and suffering through a Florida personal injury lawsuit. In most situations, […]

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Steps to Take After a Boating Accident in Miami, Florida

Residents and visitors in Miami frequently enjoy the opportunity to get out on the water. Whether you are fishing, tubing, or simply enjoying a leisurely cruise, there is always potential for a costly accident. Knowing what to do in these situations can prevent injuries from worsening and preserve your opportunity to get compensation. You should […]

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