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    Attorney to Sue Costa Cruises for Injury

    Taking a cruise is a fun and exciting way to travel. Many ships offer fun and exciting entertainment and luxurious accommodations on board. Unfortunately, for many cruise ship passengers, their vacations are abruptly halted by harmful accidents.

    There are many ways that you may suffer an injury as a cruise ship passenger. For example, you may suffer a slip and fall on a slippery deck, or you may be injured partaking in one of your ship’s recreational activities like swimming or rock climbing. In any case, if you were hurt because of negligence exhibited by cruise ship staff, then you may be able to sue the cruise line for financial compensation. Our attorneys can assess the strength of your potential case.

    If you were injured because of an accident on a Costa cruise ship, get help from our attorneys to sue Costa Cruises for injuries by calling Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A. at (305) 204-5369.

    Potential Sources of Injuries on Costa Cruise Ships

    Suffering an injury on board a cruise ship can be a very traumatic experience. If you were hurt because of any of the following, then our attorneys to sue Costa cruises for injury can help you pursue the payment you are owed:

    Medical Malpractice

    Healthcare professionals in cruise ship hospital bays commit medical malpractice when they cause injuries by deviating from accepted standards of medical care. There are multiple potential examples of medical malpractice that can occur on a cruise ship. For instance, a passenger may be hurt because their attending doctor committed a misdiagnosis or a medication error.

    Proving that medical malpractice occurred can be a difficult task. As a plaintiff, you will likely need to collect expert witness testimony to support your claim. Our attorneys can help find the right experts for you.

    Slip and Fall Accidents

    An especially high number of cruise ship injuries stem from slip and fall accidents. These accidents may occur because passengers encounter dangerous hazards like slippery decks, loose mats, and uneven flooring.

    Some people may not realize just how serious slip and fall accidents can be. Victims may incur debilitating injuries like broken bones, spinal injuries, and brain damage.

    Accidents During Recreational Activities

    Some Costa cruise ships offer passengers the opportunity to participate in recreational activities like water sports and rock climbing while on board. Accidents during recreational activities have a high propensity to cause severe harm. For instance, if a rock-climber is not properly fitted with a safety harness, then they may fall from a tall height and incur serious harm. If you were hurt because of a recreational activity accident, then our attorneys will evaluate your potential case.

    Sexual Assaults

    Unfortunately, sexual assaults can occur on cruise ships. In additional to suffering excruciating physical injuries, victims of sexual assaults may sustain debilitating emotional trauma.

    Costa Cruises has a responsibility to provide a safe environment for passengers. If your sexual assault occurred because they neglected this duty, then you may be able to sue for the physical and mental injuries you incurred.

    For example, a cruise line may be liable for a sexual assault if they did not perform a proper background check on a dangerous employee who committed the attack. Further, the cruise line may be held responsible if an assault occurs because they did not implement adequate security measures. Legal assistance can be highly valuable when determining whether Costa Cruises may be sued for your sexual assault injuries.

    Beverage and Food Contamination

    Beverage and food contamination on cruise ships can cause a wide range of serious problems. Passengers who ingest contaminated food and drinks may develop painful gastrointestinal issues, fever, dehydration, and even death.

    There are multiple ways that beverages and foods can be contaminated. For instance, contamination may stem from inadequate sanitation practices or careless food handling. Our experienced attorneys can investigate your case to determine if you were contaminated because of negligence exhibited by cruise staff.

    The Case of the Costa Concordia

    Costa cruise ships are certainly not immune to suffering catastrophic accidents. The worst of which involved a ship called the Costa Concordia and it occurred on January 13, 2012.

    According to an article published on Encyclopedia Britannica’s website, the ship struck a rock off the coast of Italy while the captain was attempting to travel close to shore and give his passengers a scenic view. The ship had deviated from its planned path of travel when the collision occurred.

    The evacuation procedures implemented on-board the Concordia were woefully inadequate. As a result, panicked crowds began to gather on deck. Further, many lifeboats were not able to be deployed because of the ship’s tilt. Eventually, the Italian coast guard would arrive to perform a daring rescue and transport survivors to safety.

    Tragically, 33 passengers would pass away in this avoidable accident. Many more suffered serious injuries in the mad scramble to safety.

    Establishing Fault for Your Cruise Ship Injury

    In order to recover monetary damages in a lawsuit against Costa Cruises, you will need to present evidence that proves your injury is a result of their negligent behavior. There are fortunately many different forms of evidence that may be utilized.

    First, witness statements are very helpful in cruise ship injury cases. If you know of someone who saw your accident unfold, then it is imperative that you try to obtain their contact information. They may provide both oral or written statements that help our lawyers demonstrate how and why you were hurt.

    Similarly, surveillance recordings from cruise ship security cameras can help depict the events that occurred before, during, and after your harmful accident. However, cruise ships may not store these recordings for very long. It is crucial that you seek help from our legal team as quickly as possible after suffering your injury. That way, we can promptly begin searching for relevant surveillance footage.

    As a final example, photos from the scene of your cruise ship accident can help our team identify factors that contributed to your injury. If you can, you should attempt to take photos at the scene of your accident in its immediate aftermath.

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