Attorney for Cruise Ship Passengers Injured in Port

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    Attorney for Cruise Ship Passengers Injured in Port

    A cruise can be a vacation of a lifetime, with sights to see and entertainment that could help form one of the best experiences you’ve ever had.  Unfortunately for many passengers on cruises, their cruise ends with mistakes leading to injuries and complications that end their vacation early.  For some, the injuries might occur before the ship even leaves port.

    If you or a loved one was injured on a cruise while the ship was at port, contact Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A. today.  Our attorneys for cruise ship passengers injured in port may be able to take your case and fight to get you the compensation you need if you were injured by dangerous conditions on the dock or pier, or if you were the victim of crime or other negligent acts in port.  For a free legal consultation, contact our law offices today at (866) 386-1762.

    Types of Injuries at Cruise Ship Ports

    Most ports are closely monitored by the government to ensure fair and equal access and to ensure safety.  There are many potential immigration and customs issues at seaports, and safety standards are similar to those at airports.  However, many times the goals of travel safety lead to simple dangers being overlooked, and cruise passengers are injured because of dangerous premises or conditions on docks and piers.

    Slip and falls are one of the most common causes of injury.  Flooring at ports could become wet and slippery, leading to slip and fall injuries.  It is often the responsibility of the port’s operators to warn people of these kinds of dangers and provide handrails and other safety features to avoid injuries.

    Injuries can also occur on the causeway to the ship or smaller boats and vessels used to transport passengers between port and the ship.  Ship staff and crew should be available to help people with physical disabilities and elderly passengers, who are at some of the highest risks for injuries while boarding the ship.  Claims for accidents on dinghies or small boats may also be filed against the ship in most cases.

    Other injuries can occur in port because of the other individuals in the area.  Many ports have people coming and going, which could allow someone to get access to the ship or to come into contact with passengers even though they are security risks.  If these individuals are allowed aboard or injure or harass a passenger, the ship operators might be responsible for the negligent security that led to these injuries.

    Where to Sue for Cruise Injuries in Port

    If you were injured on a cruise while on the open sea, you may be governed by maritime law.  This means you will need to file your case in a particular court with jurisdiction over your injury, and you should work with a maritime lawyer to handle your claim.  The maritime lawyers at Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind are certified to handle these cases in certain states requiring additional certification, and we may be able to help you with your claim.  However, injuries in port could be governed by other laws.

    Many times, state and local laws affect injuries at the port or in the waters close to port.  Injuries in towns and cities associated with that port will be no different from other injuries on land, and you may be able to sue the responsible parties under local and state law.  In many cases, cruise excursions include local tours – whether on land or on the water.  Injuries on these sorts of excursions might lead to injury claims you can file against the cruise company itself or the tour company they hired.  If these excursions left directly from the cruise ship while it was at port, these might still be governed under maritime law.  Otherwise, filing the claim under local law might be appropriate.

    In any case, lawsuits against the cruise ship and its staff might be governed by maritime law or by the contract terms on your passenger ticket.  This may choose the location where the lawsuit needs to be filed.  Our attorneys can file a claim on your behalf in whatever court or location is appropriate and represent you in your case.

    Damages for Injuries at Port on a Cruise Ship

    Whether the injury occurred on the ship or on land, our attorneys can help you seek compensation for the damages you faced.  Injuries from serious accidents often include a range of damages, but certain categories are included in most injury cases.

    The first category of damages is the cost of medical expenses and emergency care.  If your injuries were severe enough that you needed emergency medical treatment, you may be entitled to compensation for those care costs.  Even if you have health insurance to cover some of the hospital bills, it is unfair for you to pay for injuries you did not cause.  Instead, you can file for damages to have the responsible parties pay for your medical care.

    If your injuries were severe enough to keep you from returning to work, you may be entitled to damages for lost wages.  The lost wages you face during your recovery period can be claimed, as can any additional lost wages you face if you are unable to return to work at the same salary or pay scale.

    In addition, you can claim damages to directly compensate you for the pain and suffering of the injury.  These damages are independent of the economic effects like medical expenses and lost wages and instead cover the physical and mental effects of the injury.

    If a loved one was killed in an accident in port, you may be entitled to more substantial damages.

    Call Our Attorneys for Cruise Injuries in Port

    If you were injured in a cruise accident while you were in port, you may be entitled to sue for the damages you faced.  Our attorneys at Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind can help you understand whom to sue and what damages to claim in your case.  Our attorneys for cruise ship passengers injured in port offer free legal consultations to help you with your case.  Call (866) 386-1762 today to set up your free case consultation.

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