Attorney for Broken Bones that Occur on a Cruise Ship

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    Attorney for Broken Bones that Occur on a Cruise Ship

    Harm on a cruise ship can occur from many different types of accidents and injuries. Slip and fall accidents or injuries involving rides and entertainment on the deck could happen because of negligence or dangerous conditions aboard the ship. If you broke a bone in one of these accidents, you could need medical attention or even evacuation from the ship. If your cruise vacation is interrupted by serious broken bone injuries, you might be entitled to financial compensation from the cruise ship.

    Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A. represent injured victims in cruise ship accents. We work to hold the cruise line accountable for their injuries and get them the compensation they deserve. If you suffered a broken bone or a bone fracture in an accident on a cruise ship, call our law offices today. We can set up a free legal consultation to go over the facts of your case and help you determine how to proceed. Call us today at (866) 386-1762 to schedule your free case consultation.

    Types and Causes of Broken Bone Injuries on Cruise Ships

    Broken bones and bone fractures can occur in many types of accidents. A simple fall to the ground can cause a broken wrist, shoulder, or hip. Especially if the person who fell was an older adult, a child, or someone already suffering from physical disabilities, the injury could be quite severe. Broken bones can also occur in falls from heights caused by onboard amusements or risky situations on cruise ship shore excursions. Falling overboard or falling a long distance can also cause you to break bones when you land, even if you land in the water. Remember that broken bone injuries include more than broken arms and legs; broken hips, collar bones, ribs, and other fractures can also be serious.

    Fractures can come in multiple types with various levels of severity and requirements for medical treatment. Many simple fractures leave the bone relatively stable, meaning that little to no treatment might be needed to set the bone back into place. These injuries can often be splinted or put into a cast, and the victim can be left to recover with painkillers and ice. With more serious “compound fractures,” the broken bone could pierce the skin, requiring stitches, surgery, X-ray imaging, and other treatment needs. Fractures that break the bone into more than two pieces are called “comminuted fractures.” These also need surgery to set properly in many cases. Broken bones might also require pins and rods to restore structure to the bone or secure the pieces in place.

    Damages for Broken Bones on a Cruise Ship

    While some first aid and medical care can be performed on the ship, you might need additional medical care when you get home. Severe breaks might even require medical evacuation and emergency treatment at a nearby hospital on shore, especially if surgery is required. The injuries can also leave you out of work. Damages for these financial costs are available in many injury lawsuits, plus compensation for pain and suffering.

    The damages for medical bills in your case can include the cost of treatment aboard the ship as well as other expenses. Medical evacuation to shore can be expensive, especially if you need to be flown out on a helicopter. Once you arrive at a hospital, you could receive additional care. If the delay in treatment caused additional injuries or made it necessary to reset the bone or perform surgery, that delay in care could lead to additional damages. The cost could further be increased by additional care once you get home, such as rehabilitation or cast removal. These costs should all be claimed against the negligent cruise ship in a lawsuit.

    Damages for lost wages can be claimed as well. Broken bones can stop you from being able to work, especially in jobs that require physical labor. If your injury keeps you from going back to work, you can usually claim compensation for any wages you miss.
    You can also claim damages to compensate you directly for the pain and suffering you faced. Broken bones can be incredibly painful, even with medication and ice to numb the pain. If your injury was very painful or caused you emotional distress, reduced enjoyment in activities, or other harms, you can claim compensation for them.

    Proving Liability in a Lawsuit for a Broken Bone on a Cruise

    If the cruise line was responsible for your injury, you might be able to hold them liable in court. This means that the court can order the cruise line to pay for all of the damages that you suffered because of the injury. In many cases, negligence can be proved by looking at the specifics of what happened leading up to the injury.

    Cruise lines are responsible for keeping the ship safe for passengers. This means warning of hidden dangers and repairing potential dangers aboard the vessel, such as loose handrails or dangerously slippery decks. It also means properly training their staff and crew to avoid causing injuries while operating onboard rides, rock climbing activities, workout sessions, or other activities. If the injury occurred because of unsafe conditions on a cruise ship excursion, you might also be able to hold the cruise line liable.

    Ultimately, most of these claims will be based on negligence – a lack of care or skill – rather than intentional action. However, claims against cruise ship crewmembers for assault and battery can also be filed.

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