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    Dania Beach, FL Boat Accident Attorney

    Dania Beach is a beach community with a pier and plenty of waters where commercial and pleasure boats often cruise. If you own a boat or went out on a boat tour or a fishing trip and you were injured in a boat accident, the attorneys at Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A. might be able to help. Our attorneys have decades of experience representing injured boaters and boat passengers in accident cases.

    For a free legal consultation on your case, call our attorney for boat accidents in Dania Beach, FL. Our lawyers can help you file a boat injury lawsuit against the at-fault boat operator and fight to get you the compensation you need for serious injuries. For your free legal consultation, call us at (866) 386-1762.

    Suing for Boat Accidents in Dania Beach

    Florida is the state with the most boat accidents of any state in the U.S. These accidents often cause injuries to passengers and operators, potentially resulting in serious injuries or even death. If you were injured by a boat operator’s negligence, you might be entitled to sue them for the crash, much like you would in a car accident or another accident case.

    Boat accidents can affect the operator of a boat. This means that if you were hit by another boater, you might be able to sue them for their negligence. Boating requires attention to boating laws in the area as well as common-sense safety standards. If the other boater was acting unreasonably or was violating boating laws when the accident occurred, you could be entitled to sue them for the crash.

    Passengers could also be injured in boating accidents. In these cases, it does not matter if the accident involved more than one boat or if the boat you were riding on crashed on its own, you should be able to sue the responsible boat operator who caused the crash. Boats could crash into a stationary object like a rock or pier or capsize or sink because of dangerous problems with the boat, inclement weather, or dangerous errors by the boat’s operator. Mechanical problems could spark fires on a boat, taking a boat into dangerous waters or inclement weather could cause a boat to capsize or sink, and operators that try to perform tricks or show off at the helm could throw riders off the boat or flip the entire vessel.

    Many other accidents are not caused by boat crashes at all, but rather by unsafe conditions on the deck of the boat or other dangers aboard the vessel that the ship’s owner should have resolved or warned you about.

    If you were injured by any of these negligent acts, you might be entitled to file a lawsuit for your injuries. Talk to an attorney about holding an individual boat operator responsible for a boat crash or suing a ferry company, a tour boat company, or a cruise company for problems with ship safety or boat accidents.

    Damages for Boat Accidents and Injuries in Dania Beach, FL

    If you or a loved one was injured in a boat accident, you could have faced serious injuries and damages that you now need compensation for. While you might be able to personally pay for medical treatment and you could be able to overlook lost wages and pain and suffering, the law might entitle you to have these damages paid for by the at-fault boat operator that injured you in the first place.

    Damages for medical expenses can be claimed in a lawsuit to cover the cost of treating any injuries that resulted from the accident. This can mean getting emergency medical transportation and ER visits covered as well as follow-up appointments with your physician, physical therapy, and other medical care costs.

    The damages for lost wages can cover any wages you miss while you are laid up in the hospital after an injury. If your injury makes it hard to return to your old job, you might also be able to claim damages for the reduced wages you face because of the injury, any wages you can no longer earn because of the injury, or lost wages from the death of a loved one after a deadly boating accident.

    You can also claim damages to compensate you for noneconomic injuries like pain and suffering. These damages cannot be proved by producing medical bills or lost wages, but the testimony that you can provide about how the injury affected your life can go a long way toward proving these damages.

    If you lost a loved one in a boat accident, the damages you claim could be more substantial. Damages in a wrongful death lawsuit could be claimed to cover funeral expenses, burial costs, lost wages, lost companionship, lost household services, and other surprising areas of damages.

    It is vital to have a lawyer review your case and tell you what your claim might be worth. In many cases, boating companies or insurance companies might try to offer settlements to end cases quickly and avoid the time and stress of trial. If you accept one of these settlements, you will typically be blocked from pursuing your case in court, which means that you only get damages for what they offer. If the settlement offer is too low to cover your needs, you would be stuck without coverage if you accepted the settlement. Talk to a Florida boat accident lawyer for help determining what your case is worth and when to settle or fight the case at trial.

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    After a serious boat accident, it is important to talk to an attorney about seeking compensation for your injuries. The damages that you face could be expensive, and there is no reason for you to have to pay these damages when someone else was responsible for the accident. To schedule a free legal consultation and learn more about what your case might be worth and how to move forward with an injury claim, contact the attorneys for boat accidents in Dania Beach at Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A. Our phone number is (866) 386-1762.

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