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    Lawyer for Cruise Ship Injuries on Zip Lines

    Cruise ships today are focused heavily on entertainment.  Whether the opportunities on a cruise are for adults or for the whole family, many rides and amusements are available on board and on shore excursions.  One common feature is a zip line, which can be a thrilling experience on the deck of a ship or an interesting part of a tour through jungles or other scenery.

    However, problems can arise when the staff and crew that operate the zip line fail to properly keep passengers safe or when deeper safety issues cause the zip line to be too dangerous for riders.  If you or a loved one was injured in a zip line accident on a cruise ship or a cruise shore excursion, call Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A. today to discuss your case.  Our cruise ship accident and zip line injury lawyers offer free legal consultations.  Call us at (866) 386-1762 to schedule a free case consultation and discuss your potential injury claim.

    Injuries on Zip Lines on Cruise Ships and Cruise Tours

    Zip lines usually have a lot of safety precautions.  The wheels and hanging parts are usually fastened to the line in such a way that they will not fall off, plus the rider is usually fastened to the line with a safety clip and harness.  Whether the zip line uses hand grips or a seat, you should not be in danger of falling off entirely.  Still, falls from zip lines are sometimes an issue if there is a catastrophic part failure, if the harness was improperly attached, or if the zip line and trolley were broken or malfunctioning.  However, other injuries are more common.

    If there is something caught in the trolley’s wheels, a zip line passenger could suddenly stop.  When this happens, their grip on the handlebars might come loose, potentially injuring their hands or fingers.  The sudden shock of stopping could cause whiplash or other injuries to the neck and back from the sudden force.  Other injuries could occur if the rider is whipped up toward the line, potentially suffering harm if they strike against the taught line.

    If a zip line’s tension is not correct for the rider’s weight and the trolly’s wheels, the rider could get stuck in the slack and stop.  This is more common on zip lines that are fastened between trees, which might bend and bow over time, increasing the slack in the line.  If you get stuck, you could be left hanging until someone can come out to you to help push you along or detach you from the safety harness.  During that time, you could face injury from muscle strain or you could have the circulation in your arms and legs cut off from the pressure of the harness.  The fear of being stuck in a high place could also cause immense emotional distress.

    Some of the most serious injuries on zip lines occur when a rider strikes something else.  On long zip lines, you may not know whether someone is stuck on the line or finished with their ride when a second person goes down, and riders could collide at high speed.  Riders who come in too fast could also strike other riders or staff on the landing platform or strike the platform itself if there is too much slack in the zip line.  Staff and crew should be trained in preventing these kinds of issues, but negligence could lead to serious injuries and even death from high-speed impact.

    Suing Cruise Ships for Zip Line Injuries

    If you were injured on a zip line aboard a cruise ship, the cruise line should be responsible for the injuries.  The crew and staff on the ship should keep your safety as one of their utmost concerns, and any mistakes or errors that led to your injuries could be their fault.  This could include bad maintenance or upkeep, negligent supervision, or flaws with the safety gear.  If the cruise ship’s staff and crew are found responsible for the injuries you faced on their watch, their employer – i.e., the cruise ship and the cruise line – might be responsible for the damages.

    Similarly, if you were on a cruise ship shore excursion when you were injured during a zip line tour or some other outing, you might be entitled to sue the cruise ship as well.  If the cruise company hired an outside company to operate the tour, that company might be responsible.  However, if the tour company is a subsidiary or an employee of the cruise company, there may be ways to hold the cruise company liable for their negligence.

    Damages for Zip Line Injuries on Cruise Ships and Shore Excursions

    After suffering serious injuries on a zip line, you may need immediate emergency medical care.  During your recovery, you might be left at a foreign hospital, which means that you will need transportation back home.  You may also need additional medical care when you get back, such as follow-up appointments, additional surgeries, care to make up for medical malpractice you faced abroad, and ongoing physical therapy.  If the injuries keep you from working, you may also face damages in the form of lost wages and reduced earning capacity.  All the while, you will likely face physical pain and mental suffering.

    All of these costs, plus any additional costs you face because of the cruise company’s negligence could be claimed as damages in a lawsuit.

    Call Our Cruise Ship Injury Lawyers for Help with a Zip Line Injury Case

    If you were injured on a zip line on a cruise ship, you may be entitled to sue the cruise ship for the cost of medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.  If the injury occurred on a tour from a cruise ship, the accident might similarly be the cruise ship’s fault.  To learn more about suing for damages, call the maritime injury lawyers at Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A.  Our lawyers for cruise ship accidents and injuries on zip lines offer free legal consultations.  Call us at (866) 386-1762 to set up your free consultation today.

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