Attorney for Rock Climbing Injuries on a Cruise Ship

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    Attorney for Rock Climbing Injuries on a Cruise Ship

    Many cruise ships designed for adventure cruises and family fun have many rides and amusements, sometimes including rock climbing walls.  These attractions should be monitored by staff and crew on the ship to ensure people are harnessed properly and that they use the wall safely.  If injuries happen because of negligent supervision or problems with the safety gear, passengers could be seriously injured.

    Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A. represents victims of accidents on cruise ships, including injuries from rock climbing aboard a cruise ship.  If you or a loved one was injured, call our attorneys for rock climbing injuries on a cruise ship today.  Our attorneys can help fight to get you and your family the compensation you deserve from at-fault parties like the cruise ship staff and the cruise company.  For a free legal consultation, call us today at (866) 386-1762.

    Proving Fault for Rock Climbing Injuries on a Cruise Ship

    If a cruise ship is going to offer fun activities like rock climbing on board the vessel, they need to ensure that these activities are safe.  Allowing adults and children to use rock climbing walls that have loose handholds or defective harness systems could lead to serious injury.  Additionally, the cruise ship needs to supply staff and safety personnel that are adequately trained to keep passengers safe when they take up these tasks.  If they do not, the cruise company could be liable for the injuries that passengers suffer.

    In these kinds of cases, the cruise company and the individual staff members working at the rock climbing attraction have certain duties that they owe the passengers.  The terms of use of the rock climbing gym or the terms on your passenger ticket might limit some of these duties, but our attorneys can investigate and determine what precisely the cruise ship should have done differently to keep you safe.  If the staff or the company as a whole breached the duty they owed you, they can be sued for the damages they caused you.

    In most cases, this means ultimately suing the cruise ship.  While the individual staff member or crew member might have been the one who was responsible for the accident on the day of the injury at the scene of the injury, they were working as a cruise employee when the accident happened.  This typically means that the cruise company can be held liable for the mistakes the employee committed, and you can ultimately sue the cruise ship and the cruise line for the injuries you faced.  Additionally, the company as a whole would be responsible for safety conditions at their attractions and safety standards for the gear they supplied, so any errors in those areas should be considered the cruise line’s fault.

    Suing for Damages for Cruise Ship Injuries from Rock Climbing Accidents

    If you file a lawsuit against the cruise line for the injuries you faced aboard the ship, you might be entitled to compensation for the full value of your injuries and the damages that resulted from the accident.  In many cases, victims of injuries will rely on their travel insurance or on the cruise company’s insurance policy to get them compensation for their injuries.  However, these companies often worry about their bottom line more than they do about injury victims, and they may not pay the full value of damages for your case.

    In most lawsuits for personal injury on a cruise ship, you can claim the full cost of any medical expense you faced, any lost wages you suffered, and any pain and suffering you felt because of the accident.  This can include things like medical transportation, follow-up care, lost earning capacity, and the mental anguish of an injury.  However, insurance policies typically do not pay damages for pain and suffering and might cover only a percentage of the other damages.  As such, you might need to file a lawsuit in court instead of relying on an insurance claim.

    In many cases, your passenger ticket might create terms and limitations that dictate where your case needs to be filed or what law will govern your case.  Your cruise ship accident attorney can help you determine where to sue and what limitations might affect your right to recovery.

    Injury Lawsuits for Cruise Ship Excursion Accidents Involving Rock Climbing

    If you were injured rock climbing – not on the deck of a cruise ship itself, but as part of a shore excursion trip – you might also be able to sue the cruise ship.  Injuries that take place during a cruise excursion can often allow you to sue the cruise line if they were the ones that ran the cruise excursion.  For instance, an adventure cruise with tours of local rock formations for rock climbing could be operated by the cruise line itself, allowing you to sue them for injuries involving negligent supervision or other issues the cruise line’s employees caused you or allowed to happen.

    If the cruise excursion was offered by a third party or a local tour agency at your destination, you might have to sue that company directly instead of seeking compensation from the cruise line.  Our attorneys can guide you through these types of cases as well, counseling you on how to proceed.

    Call Our Cruise Ship Rock Climbing Injury Attorneys for a Free Legal Consultation

    If you were on a cruise ship with a rock climbing park or a shore excursion for rock climbing and you were injured because of negligent supervision or other mistakes committed by cruise ship employees, you might be entitled to sue the cruise line for your injuries.  Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind’s attorneys for rock climbing injuries on a cruise ship might be able to take your case and fight to get you the compensation you deserve for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.  To schedule a free legal consultation to learn more about your case, call our attorneys today at (866) 386-1762.

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