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Cruise ship accidents can happen in many different ways.  Although fires and explosions on board might seem like rare accidents and there are many safety systems and protocols in place to prevent fires aboard a cruise ship, you may have been injured against these odds.  If you were injured in a fire or explosion on a cruise ship, it likely means that the operator of the cruise ship did something wrong – or committed multiple errors – that allowed the fire to break out.

For help with your case, call the Miami, Florida cruise ship fire and explosion accident attorneys at Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A. today.  Our injury attorneys represent individuals and families who were injured because of negligence and disasters on a cruise ship in the waters around Miami as well as on cruise ships that left from port in Miami.  For a free legal consultation on your potential case, call our cruise ship accident lawyers today at (866) 386-1762.

Injuries from Fires and Explosions on Cruise Ships

While the injuries from a cruise ship fire or explosion might obviously include severe burns, there are plenty of other injuries you might be able to seek compensation for after facing a fire or explosion on a cruise ship.

Fires and explosions produce heat, but they also produce smoke and could potentially produce loud noises and shocking force.  The head of a fire can cause serious burns, potentially including third-degree burns that destroy the nerve endings in the skin and other tissue.  Burns are often some of the most painful injuries someone can face, and they often require long-term, intensive medical care to repair the injury with skin grafts and other treatments.

Along with the heat, the smoke from a fire can cause serious injuries to the lungs and eyes.  Smoke inhalation injuries can be severe and leave a victim with prolonged discomfort or even permanent injuries to the lungs.  Irritation to the eyes and throat often passes, but it can still be severe in the moment.

The sound of an explosion can be shocking and scary.  This sound alone could cause shock, heart palpitations, or even a heart attack to people in the potential blast radius or “zone of danger” around the explosion.  If you faced emotional distress from an explosion, you may be entitled to sue for those effects, but there usually must still be some physical impact to claim these damages.  Moreover, the force of an explosion can cause injuries and distress.  Even if you are not touched by fire or smoke, the force and pressure coming off an explosion can cause harm – or at least cause contact that might justify emotional distress damages.  While many explosions caused by fuel and fires do not create a pressure wave strong enough to cause injuries, being close to the site of an explosion can still cause harm aside from the heat and smoke.

Explosions at electrical boxes and junctions can also cause serious injuries.  The bright light, pressure wave, and heat of an arc flash or a flashover can be traumatic for people nearby or workers dealing with high-voltage electrical systems.

Suing a Cruise Ship for Injuries from Fires and Explosions

Victims of cruise ship injuries can include passengers as well as staff and crew on a cruise ship.  If you were injured in any way because of the cruise operator’s negligence, you may be entitled to sue the cruise ship for the resulting harm and damages.

A cruise ship can be held responsible for errors its crew causes.  This means that kitchen fires started by negligence, accidents involving fuel or flammable materials, or serious electrical problems could all be the ship’s responsibility if someone on the ship’s crew caused the accident.  Moreover, cruise ships are also responsible for providing safety and security on the ship, so if a fire or explosion was not properly contained or started because of negligent security, the ship could also be responsible.

Damages for Fire and Explosion Accidents on a Cruise

Our Miami cruise ship fire and explosion lawyers work to get victims compensation for the injuries they faced through lawsuits against the cruise line.  The compensation you can claim will depend heavily on the specific injuries you faced and what effects those injuries had on your life.

Damages for medical bills are one of the most common types of damages to claim in an accident case.  The medical bills you face could be expensive for burn injuries, as these are often serious injuries that take years of medical appointments to manage.  Moreover, the cost of medical transportation from the ship to the shore is often expensive.  If you suffered negligent care from the ship’s physician or from a doctor in a foreign country, this may require additional care to reverse those effects.  The ship should be responsible for the sum-total of all costs incurred because of their negligence.  Lastly, the cruise should also pay for the cost of counseling and therapy to deal with the mental and emotional effects of serious, visible injuries.

If you missed work because of the injuries you faced, you might also be able to claim damages for these lost wages.  Lastly, you can typically claim damages for the physical pain and mental suffering of an injury, which could be very high in cases of burn injuries.

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