Cruise Ship Accident Lawyers

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Cruise Ship Accident Attorneys with International Experience

For more than 30 years, the cruise ship lawyers at Rivkind Law Firm have been representing injured cruise ship passengers from around the world. We know that cruise ship injury claims can significantly differ from general personal injury suits.

Whether your cruise ship injury claim is subject to Florida state, federal, or international law, our experienced cruise ship accident attorneys are ready to handle even the most complex cases.

Common Types of Cruise Ship Injury Claims

Common types of cruise ship accident claims that Rivkind Law Firm has experience representing include:

Cruise Line Lawsuits

With more than 30 years of experience representing injured cruise ship passengers national and internationally, the cruise ship injury attorneys at Rivkind Law Firm have experience bring lawsuits against the following cruise ship lines:

Cruise Ship & Common Carrier Liability

Because cruise ships are ‘common carriers,’ they must provide reasonable care to passengers. This obligation is called duty of care.

Ship Owner Duty of Care

Whether you are on a personal boat, a private ship, or a cruise ship, the shipowner has a duty of care to protect passengers from injury or harm. This duty of care extends to accidents, intentional damage, and sometimes, unforeseeable events.

Shipowners must work to make sure passengers arrive at port safely and to safeguard equipment that may injure passengers on board.

Who can be held liable for a cruise ship injury claim?

Cruise lines are governed by a specific area of law called maritime law. If you were injured while on a cruise ship, you may have a file a cruise ship personal injury claim against one or more of the following entities:

  • The owner of the cruise ship
  • The company that sold the cruise ship ticket
  • The company operating or chartering the cruise ship
  • Any party that caused the injury

Cruise Ship Negligence: Breach of Duty of Care

A breach of duty of care happens when a ship passenger experiences injury or harm. If you want to bring a lawsuit against cruise ship for personal injury or damage, find legal representation from experienced maritime law attorneys that can help you prove your case.

The injured party will need to prove that the ship operator should have known, did know, or intentionally caused the unsafe conditions that caused harm or injury.

Cruise Ship Passenger Ticket Contracts

Cruise ship passengers often fail to realize their cruise ship ticket is a contract between them and the cruise line. This may be because it is typically written in fine print on the back of the passenger ticket and easily overlooked.

That fine print on the back of your ticket determines critical factors that may affect your ability or eligibility to file a lawsuit against the cruise line in the future. Cruise lines use this contract to define their scope of liability as it pertains to passenger safety and well-being.

Restrictions on Cruise Ship Injury Claims

A cruise line passenger ticket can dictate where a lawsuit must be filed and the time limit by which it must be file. These pre-requisites may mean you will need to register suit in a specific state, a particular court has jurisdiction, or you only have a set amount of time to file your lawsuit.

These clauses and conditions of your passenger ticket are enforceable in court and should be considered when deciding to go on a cruise or not.

Find a Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer for Accidents Home and Abroad

If you or a loved one have been the victim of injury or harm while onboard a cruise ship or during a shore excursion, you may be entitled to compensation for damages. Contact the experienced maritime law attorneys at Rivkind Law Firm online or at (866) 627-3676 to schedule your free consultation.


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