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Our lead trial lawyer Brett Rivkind has an international reputation for dedication and excellence. His hard work and success have been recognized extensively through awards and special recognitions.

Cruises are seen as one of the most relaxing and luxurious ways to take a vacation. Due to its thousands of miles of coastline and close proximity to many popular tourist destinations, Florida is a launching point for many cruise ships. Although these journeys go smoothly more often than not, there are recurring news reports detailing disturbing incidents aboard these vessels, ranging from drowning and sexual assault to major fires and explosions. At Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind P.A., our cruise ship accident lawyers have direct experience investigating and handling personal injury lawsuits involving cruise ship fire and explosion accidents.

One of our lead attorneys, Brett Rivkind, handled litigation arising from the tragic deaths of passengers aboard a riverboat cruise in Peru that occurred as a result of a fire on the riverboat. We have also previously represented hundreds of family members who lost loved ones in a cruise ship fire aboard the Scandinavian Star. This fire resulted from a number of deficiencies, including an improperly trained crew and a lack of lighting to help passengers escape during the emergency. If you or a loved one was injured in a cruise ship fire or explosion accident, contact us today to learn about your legal rights and how we can help you.

Personal Injury Claims Arising From Cruise Ship Fire and Explosion Accidents

A serious accident can take place virtually anywhere. When the accident happens on the open water, however, the claim will need to be handled in a different manner from an ordinary accident on land, and a lawyer who is experienced in these cases is essential to guide victims. A cruise ship operator is considered a common carrier, which is defined as a company or an individual that transports passengers or goods on set routes and at set rates. Common carriers are held to the highest duty of care when it comes to ensuring that passengers reach their destinations safely. In general, cruise ship operators are required to operate their vessels and associated functions with reasonable care and in accordance with maritime law. Also known as admiralty law, maritime law is a unique set of laws that applies to accidents that happen at sea.

Similar to tort law, maritime law requires cruise ship operators to compensate passengers who suffer injuries that are caused by the operator’s negligence or reckless conduct. This includes failing to ensure that any electrical systems or recreational fires on the boat are maintained and conducted in a safe manner. Also, in the event of a fire or explosion, maritime law requires cruise ships to provide certain safety devices and protocols like fire extinguishers and lighted pathways to ensure that passengers can evacuate the affected area efficiently and safely.

If you suffered injuries as a result of a cruise ship’s failure to provide a safe passage, you can file a claim to recover compensation for your injuries and damages. When you purchase a ticket for a cruise, there are many different terms and policies that are included with the purchase. For example, your ticket may include restrictions on where the claim must be filed. Retaining an experienced maritime lawyer can help you ensure that you put forth the strongest case possible in your situation and that you comply with any complex procedural requirements.

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With many fires and explosions taking place on cruise ships in recent years, such as a number of fires and explosions on boats in the Bahamas, this type of risk cannot be discounted. We have assisted people throughout the nation who have departed on cruises from various Florida ports. To schedule your free appointment, call us at 1-866-627-3676 or contact us online. We also handle cases arising from fires and explosions on other types of vessels, both recreational and commercial.


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Brett Rivkind is a lawyer that not only cares but also a lawyer that makes a difference. Whether its speaking in congress to help promote safety awareness in legislation or representing clients in court seeking compensation for their injuries, Brett Rivkind is passionate about his dedication toward both promoting safety at sea and helping clients in need who have been harmed at sea.

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