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Brain, Burn and Spinal Cord Injury

Catastrophic Personal Injuries

A catastrophic personal injury is a severe injury that leads to long-term or permanent damage to your body. The recovery for these kinds of injuries are difficult, lengthy, and expensive. These injuries are life changing to not just the victim but also to his or her family. Examples of catastrophic injuries include spinal cord, brain and burn injuries. 

The Miami personal injury lawyers at Rivkind and Margulies, P.A., have handled cases involving a wide realm of catastrophic personal injuries.  We have helped victims who have been injured both on land and in the water, including injuries on cruise ships, recreational boats, yachts and water sports, to name a few, obtain the compensation they deserve.

We have handed spinal cord injuries, some which led to partial and complete paralysis. The most common type of injury suffered in an accident is an orthopedic or neurological injury, such as a herniated disc. The herniated disc can be cervical or lumbar. It often times causes radicular pain, which is pain that travels down to lower extremities and often requires surgical correction.

Brain damage can be obvious, and sometimes it is more subtle. Traumatic brain damage can be as a result of very serious and obvious damages. However, traumatic brain damage can also be more subtle, requiring special testing by a neuro-psychologist to diagnose the brain damage with very sophisticated testing which identifies brain damage as well as the part of the brain affected.

Many times the damages suffered in an incident include psychological damages, such as post traumatic stress disorder. This is associated with a specific event that is determined to be the trigger for the onset of the condition, such as a sexual assault or other very traumatic event.

Regardless of the type of injuries, our firm consults with leading experts in the appropriate field to assist in better identifying the damages and to make sure the full nature and extent of the damages are presented to the jury.

The many different types of personal injuries our office has seen due to recreational boating accidents, and injuries by passengers and guests on jet skis, cruise ships or other types of water craft, have included head and brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, burn injuries, drownings, neurological and orthopedic injuries, herniated discs, sprains, broken bones, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, mental anguish, as well as paralysis and death.

Our maritime lawyers at Rivkind and Margulies, P.A., are committed to helping victims who have suffered any type of catastrophic personal injury obtain the justice they deserve. 

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