Maritime Wrongful Death Lawyer

Our lead trial lawyer Brett Rivkind has an international reputation for dedication and excellence. His hard work and success have been recognized extensively through awards and special recognitions.

The lawyers at Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind P.A. are trial attorneys, and have experience in litigating all types of personal injury and wrongful death cases. We have handled premises liability cases when someone is injured on the property of another, including injuries of business establishments, as well as automobile accident cases where someone has suffered a serious personal injury or where the accident causes death.

The damages that are recoverable for personal injury are different from those recoverable for wrongful death. If it is a Personal Injury case, the typical elements of damages that may be recovered by the injured person include damages for the bodily injury, disability, mental anguish, inconvenience, loss of enjoyment of life, disfigurement, physical handicap, and lost wages. The damages available under the Maritime Law are similar for Personal Injury but are different under Maritime Wrongful Death Law.

When injuries result in a wrongful death, typically the personal representative of the Estate of the deceased must bring the claim. The claims are usually are on behalf of the wife and children of the deceased. The wrongful death claims provide damages typically for the loss of support, comfort, guidance, society, loss of consortium, as well as net accumulations that would have accrued to the Estate of the deceased.

When the wrongful death cases involves an Admiralty and Maritime claim, the Admiralty and Maritime Law must be referenced to determine what claims may exist. The damages recoverable for a wrongful death case under Maritime Law are different from those provided by state wrongful death statutes. There are some circumstances where a State Wrongful Death Statute which is more generous than the general Maritime Law can supplement the Maritime Law and provide for a greater recovery to a victim of wrongful death that is governed by Maritime Law.

The lawyers at Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind P.A. will be able to consult with you and advise you as to your rights and available claims for both personal injury and wrongful death claims.


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Brett Rivkind is a lawyer that not only cares but also a lawyer that makes a difference. Whether its speaking in congress to help promote safety awareness in legislation or representing clients in court seeking compensation for their injuries, Brett Rivkind is passionate about his dedication toward both promoting safety at sea and helping clients in need who have been harmed at sea.

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Jury verdict obtained by Brett Rivkind selected to hall of fame of jury verdicts. This case is believed to be a record verdict of this particular type of case.

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