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    Attorney for a Maritime & Admiralty Case Referral

    Maritime and admiralty cases are much more common than most attorneys realize. Even when a boating accident case seems straightforward, it can quickly become very complex.

    It is common for an attorney to seek out the assistance of an experienced maritime and admiralty attorney when a client brings them a case beyond their professional abilities to litigate. Maritime accidents can occur in numerous ways, each presenting its distinct challenges. Some cases might involve a negligent captain of a smaller craft or a major cruise line company. Regardless, a keen knowledge of maritime and admiralty will be essential to the success of your client’s case.

    Our attorneys for a maritime and admiralty case referral at Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A. are dedicated to helping attorneys and their clients. For a free case assessment, contact us today at (305) 204-5369.

    Types of Maritime and Admiralty Cases Our Attorneys Litigate

    There are numerous ways accidents can occur on the water. From small crafts to large cruise ships, our firm prides itself on its ability to litigate cases involving any size and type of vessel.

    Boating Accidents

    Our attorneys handle a wide variety of boating accident cases. Common boating accidents include boating under the influence, operator negligence, accidents at docks and marinas, capsizing, and striking unmarked hazards. Boating accidents can be very complex. Strong knowledge of boating accident law is imperative to the successful outcome of your client’s case.

    Cruise Ship Accidents

    Our maritime and admiralty attorneys are experienced with cruise ship accident claims and have litigated cases against cruise ships and cruise lines across the country. There are many considerations an attorney must make when handling a cruise ship accident case. A cruise ship ticket is considered a contract between the cruise line and the victim and should be reviewed by an attorney with maritime and admiralty case experience.

    Sexual Assault on a Cruise Ship

    The security staff and crew on a cruise ship owe passengers certain duties and take reasonable steps to keep passengers safe. In the worst cases, a person might be the victim of sexual assault while at sea. The cruise ship could be held liable if it can be shown that the assault occurred because of its staff’s negligence.

    Injured Maritime Workers and Crew

    Maritime crew and other workers can suffer many types of injuries while working at sea. Cruise ship workers or yacht staff might be injured loading cargo or in a slip and fall accident. Other maritime workers might be injured on an oil platform or ship.

    Cruise Ship Medical Malpractice

    When a person is injured on a cruise ship, they might need emergency medical attention before they reach land. The medical staff aboard a cruise ship might not have the proper equipment to treat your injuries or make your injuries worse from negligent treatment. Our attorneys for a maritime and admiralty case referral can help you with your case referral regardless of how your client’s accident occurred at sea.

    When You Should Refer a Maritime and Admiralty Case to Another Attorney

    It is quite common for an attorney to be presented with a case that is outside their skill and experience to represent. When this happens, the attorney should refer their client’s case to outside counsel with the knowledge to handle it. For most attorneys, maritime and admiralty cases will likely be outside their normal practice area.

    While many maritime and admiralty cases are tried as personal injury cases involving negligence, boating accidents involve complexities and legal standards that might be outside a typical personal injury attorney’s experience. It is difficult to prove negligence if you do not have a working knowledge of how certain seacrafts operate.

    A case involving maritime and admiralty law can make it inherently challenging. Depending on the waterway where the accident occurred, the case could involve federal maritime law or state law. Suppose the accident occurred in federal waters, where most of them do. In that case, an attorney must not only be knowledgeable in federal maritime law but must also be licensed to practice in federal court.

    If your client’s accident occurred in state waters, the case would likely need to be filed in that state’s court. Of course, you must be a member of the state’s bar association to practice in that jurisdiction. If you have a case referral involving an accident at sea that you believe is beyond the scope of your abilities to manage, our attorneys for a maritime and admiralty case referral can use their years of experience to help your client achieve the best results possible.

    How Our Attorneys Can Assist with Your Maritime and Admiralty Case Referral

    Our firm is well-equipped to handle your maritime and admiralty case referral and can provide several services that other attorneys simply cannot. Our knowledge of state and federal law lets us quickly identify the right venue and ensure that all the potentially liable parties are named in your client’s lawsuit.

    Drafting discovery and taking depositions for a maritime and admiralty case can be very different from a typical personal injury case. It is critical to understand the complexities of maritime and admiralty law to ensure the right questions are asked to elicit the evidence needed to prove your client’s case. Our skilled maritime and admiralty attorneys are ready to provide your case referral with the attention and dedication it deserves.

    Fee Arrangements for a Maritime and Admiralty Case Referral

    Our referral fee agreements for maritime and admiralty cases follow the standard guidelines for fee sharing and dividing fees between attorneys. Most states’ Rules of Professional Conduct provide fee-sharing procedures between attorneys. While each state differs are what rules must be followed, most are broadly defined but required to be reasonable. In most cases, fees can be split in a manner that the attorneys and client agree on. Our attorneys for a maritime and admiralty case referral are happy to discuss a potential fee-sharing agreement for your client’s maritime and admiralty case referral.

    Our Attorneys for a Maritime & Admiralty Case referral Can Help

    If you have a maritime and admiralty case beyond your ability to represent adequately, our experienced attorneys for a maritime and admiralty case referral can help. Call Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A. today at (305) 204-5369 for a free case review.

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