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    Port of Miami Barge and Container Ship Injury Lawyer

    Container ships, barges, and other vessels serve an essential purpose in transporting cargo. The Port of Miami is a bustling complex of piers, cranes, machinery, and people. With the amount of activity, workers, freight, and heavy equipment, it is not unforeseeable that accidents occur. However, when an accident happens because of the negligence or recklessness of a harbor employer, crew member, officer, manager, or another individual vital to the port’s operation, they should be held accountable for any injuries they cause.

    Our Port of Miami boat, barge, and container ship accident lawyer has the experience and knowledge to aggressively represent those who were harmed due to another’s negligence. Our maritime attorneys understand and are familiar with both personal injury and maritime law. If you suffered an injury that was not your fault, you should not have to bear the burden of the financial, physical, and emotional strain. Call Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A. at (866) 386-1762 to schedule a free consultation.

    Container Ship Accidents in the Port of Miami

    If you are a passenger or maritime worker who suffered an injury on a container ship, you are entitled to recover for your lost income and for any medical expenses you incurred. You also might have a right to additional benefits if you were hurt because of the captain’s or crew’s negligence.

    Container ships are massive cargo-carrying vessels. The large stacks of freight containers often make the silhouette of these ships seem unreal. When a person aboard a container ship suffers an injury, it is usually much more severe than a cut or bruise. Because of the size of the containers transported, loaded, and unloaded, a worker at the Port of Miami has the potential of sustaining a serious or fatal injury.

    Some of the more common reasons injuries occur on a container ship and at the Port of Miami include the following.

    • Slippery surfaces due to water, drainage problems, or spilled cargo
    • Improper use of a crane or malfunctioning equipment
    • Live or uncovered wires
    • Poorly maintained machinery malfunctions or explodes
    • Hazardous chemicals or material are improperly stored or spilled
    • Safety protocols are ignored or not in place
    • The ship is improperly moored and collides with the pier

    Safety precautions must be in place aboard these massive ships and at the Port of Miami. When a captain, crewmember, or harbor worker fails to follow safety protocols, everyone involved in the port’s operation is endangered. When the ownership or management fail to implement appropriate safety measures, they could be held responsible for any injuries that occur.

    Barge Accidents at the Port of Miami

    The Port of Miami has a significant amount of barge traffic. These vessels are a vital part of our transportation system. Just as on a larger container ship, proper safety precautions should be followed in the operation, loading, and unloading of a barge. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When the crew or captain fails to adhere to safety procedures, or if someone involved in the barge’s operation acts negligently, others are endangered, hurt, or killed. When this happens, our Port of Miami injury attorney will fight to hold the responsible party accountable for the harm they caused.

    A common cause of injuries aboard barges and other vessels in the Port of Miami is a collision between ships. A barge pilot must be aware of the surrounding traffic in the harbor. Barges and other large container vessels are difficult to maneuver and nearly impossible to react quickly to unforeseen ships in their path. When ships collide, injuries are likely to occur – especially if heavy cargo is dislodged and topples over.

    When cargo is mishandled or recklessly loaded or unloaded, accidents occur. Dockworkers and crew members could be severely injured or killed from slip and falls due to liquids spilling on the deck or dock to explosions from combustible material being mishandled.

    Our experienced Port of Miami accident attorney represents those who have suffered an injury due to the circumstances listed above and for numerous other types of negligence conduct.

    Steps to Take if You Were Injured on a Barge or Container Ship at the Port of Miami

    If you are injured at the Port of Miami or onboard a barge or container ship, seek immediate medical treatment. You should also document all your injuries, treatment, and medical records. You should also report the accident to your supervisor or employer. If you are physically able, take pictures of the area and gather the contact information from any witness who saw what occurred. Everything you can do to collect evidence of any negligence could be invaluable in proving liability in a lawsuit.

    When you can, contact our Port of Miami accident attorney to review your records and evidence. After thoroughly evaluating your case, including your medical records, we will advise you on the best legal course of action. A severe injury will have an impact on your physical well-being and your financial resources. If you were injured due to another’s negligence, you have the right to be compensated for your losses.

    Proving Negligence in a Port of Miami Accident

    To win a personal injury lawsuit arising out of an accident at the Port of Miami, our office will have to prove the defendant’s negligence caused your injuries. For example, you would need to establish that a crew member recklessly operated a crane, ignoring safety procedures, and dropped a container on you. In a lawsuit, you must prove four elements to demonstrate negligence.

    • The defendant owed you a duty of care
    • The defendant’s actions breached that duty (failing to secure a container before transporting it)
    • Your injuries were the direct result of the defendant’s conduct (the unsecured container struck you)
    • You suffered actual harm because of your injury (medical expenses, loss of income)

    Damages Available for a Port of Miami Personal Injury Lawsuit

    If you prevail in a personal injury lawsuit, you could be awarded monetary compensation. Plaintiffs are entitled to economic damages including, medical expenses, cost of physical or occupational therapy, lost wages, and any other financial loss associated with your injury. Our Port of Miami accident attorney will work to document and prove every economic loss you suffered.

    You are also entitled to noneconomic damages or compensation for your pain and suffering. While difficult to calculate, noneconomic damages could be significant. Putting a price on your mental and physical anguish, including your loss of enjoyment of life, is challenging. Our office will work closely with you and your healthcare professionals to establish how your injury impacted your life.

    Call Our Port of Miami Boat, Barge, and Container Ship Accident Lawyer for a Free Consultation

    Working at the Port of Miami or onboard a barge, container ship, or other vessel is inherently dangerous. If you are injured, you could be facing substantial medical expenses, loss of income, and emotional distress. Our Port of Miami boat, barge, and container ship accident lawyer will fight to hold any negligent party liable for your injuries. Call Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A. at (866) 386-1762 to schedule a free consultation.

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