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    Fisher Island Ferry Accident + Crash + Injury Attorney

    After a tragic accident in February 2020 that left two people dead, public attention is on the Fisher Island Ferry. In transportation, many accidents go unreported, and victims of serious injuries caused by mistakes on the Fisher Island Ferry might have stayed quiet about injuries over the years, or the Ferry might see additional injuries occur during transit.

    If you or a loved one was injured in an accident involving the Fisher Island Ferry, contact Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A. today. Our Fisher Island ferry accident, crash, and injury attorneys fight to help victims of boat accidents seek compensation for serious injuries and deaths. For help suing Fisher Island Transportation’s private ferry or any other boating company or cruise company in the area, contact our attorneys today for a free legal consultation at (866) 386-1762.

    Suing a Ferry Company for Accidents Near Fisher Island and Biscayne Bay, FL

    The Fisher Island Ferry transports people and cars between Fisher Island and Miami Beach, crossing the Government Cut channel. This ferry does not have a track record of widely reported injury, but an accident in February 2020 might draw increased scrutiny of accidents and injuries related to this ferry. In that accident, a car fell from the ferry, leading to the death of its two occupants. It is unclear at the time of the writing of this article how that accident occurred, but it is possible that there might be grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit against the ferry operators.

    Our attorneys represent injury victims and the families of deceased accident victims in similar cases. We work to file claims against negligent boat crews and boating companies to seek compensation for injuries and death, and we may be able to take your case as well.

    A claim for injuries against a ferry company is usually based on a theory of “negligence.” Under this theory, the victim or their family claims that the defendant ferry company failed to keep them safe because they breached some legal duty that they owed their passengers. This duty could deal with the safety of the vessel and its operation such that victims might be able to sue if they were injured by the ferry crashing into a stationary object or another vessel. They could also conceivably sue if they were injured by moving cars or if they or their vehicle fell off the vessel altogether because of the crew’s errors or mistakes.

    In addition, the victim’s lawyers must prove that the defendant’s breach of duty in fact caused the injuries and death. If there was some intervening cause or if the victim’s injuries would have happened regardless of what steps the defendant took, then the case might be thrown out. Lastly, the lawyer will also need to prove what damages the victims faced to get them the compensation they need.

    Damages for Ferry Accident Cases Near Fisher Island

    If you were injured in an accident on a ferry, you could face expensive medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. The injuries you face could include traumatic injuries if you were hit by a loose vehicle or fell down or overboard during a crash. If you were standing and were pinned between vehicles on the ferry, you could face injuries like amputation or crushed limbs. These accidents could lead to serious medical care to treat brain injuries or other serious injuries, potentially resulting in very high damages.

    In addition to compensation for the medical expenses caused by the injury, you might also be entitled to damages for any lost wages the accident caused you. If your injuries keep you from going back to work, you might be able to claim lost wage damages in a lawsuit. Compensation for the wages you missed during your recovery is a part of this, but if your injuries affect your ongoing wages or force you to take a lower-paying job, the reduced earning capacity could also be compensated.

    Damages for pain and suffering are also available in most cases. These damages cover the physical pain and mental suffering you face because of the injuries. These damages are not easily demonstrated or shown to other people as there are no pay stubs or financial records to demonstrate the cost of these harms. Still, you can typically receive higher damages for more serious injuries, especially if they cause a serious interruption in your life, prevent you from enjoying life, or make it harder to participate in activities you used to love.

    If a loved one was killed in an accident, you might be entitled to more substantial compensation. Injuries can often yield high compensation, and the loss of an entire life often yields even more substantial damages. In these kinds of cases, the deceased might have faced end-of-life medical care or pain and suffering that can be compensated with payments to their family. As the deceased can no longer provide income for the family, those lost wages can also be compensated. Moreover, the family will face additional harms such as burial and funeral costs, lost companionship, lost spousal benefits, lost household services, and other damages that the court can compensate them for.

    Call Our Fisher Island Ferry Injury Lawyers for Accidents in Florida

    If you or a loved one was injured on the Fisher Island Ferry or a loved one was killed in an accident, it is important to talk to a lawyer. You and your family might be entitled to damages that you might not receive if you do not file a lawsuit. We can help you determine what your case is worth and how to proceed with getting the compensation you need. For help with your case, call Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A.’s Fisher Island ferry accident, crash, and injury attorneys today at (866) 386-1762.

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