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    Fort Lauderdale Yacht Accident Lawyer

    While yachts are often viewed seen as places of relaxation and fun, they can present real dangers to passengers, especially when individuals act negligently.

    Yacht accidents take place at a high frequency in Fort Lauderdale because of its proximity to harbors, waterways, and the Atlantic Ocean. Victims involved in yacht accidents might sustain any number of injuries, from broken bones to anoxic brain injuries. Typically, the yacht owner and operator share liability for these types of accidents, depending on the specifics of each case. To make figuring liability easier, contact our attorneys immediately after you are injured, report the incident, and get medical care. This can allow you to bring your claim within the statute of limitations, which is two years from the accident date in Fort Lauderdale.

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    Yacht Accidents in Fort Lauderdale

    Being that yachts are recreational vessels primarily used by owners and only sometimes operated by those with considerable experience, accidents involving such boats are somewhat common in Fort Lauderdale.

    In 2022, there were 200 reported accidents involving cabin motorboats in Florida, which includes yachts. In Broward County, where Fort Lauderdale is located, there were 17 reported accidents of this kind in the same year. The majority of reported boating accidents in Broward County involved vessels that were between 27 and 40 feet in length, which could be classified as small to medium-sized yachts.

    Across all types of boating accidents reported in Florida in 2022, the most common types of injuries sustained by victims included lacerations, contusions, broken bones, head injuries, back injuries, and burns. While only 3% of reported boating injuries were due to alcohol or drug use, it is important to understand that not all incidents are reported to the necessary agencies. Because yachts are often used for parties and gatherings, in addition to being places to relax, there is an increased risk of injury because of alcohol use or impairment.

    Victims might fall overboard on crowded yachts or other vessels, striking their heads and suffering anoxic brain injuries. Falls overboard might lead to disappearances as well. Victims might trip on slick decks and become hurt or get injured during collisions with other vessels. Because yachts cannot move as freely or quickly as smaller vessels, they might not be able to avoid obstructions or boats in the water, resulting in catastrophic accidents in Fort Lauderdale.

    Liability for Yacht Accidents in Fort Lauderdale

    Most likely, the owner and operator of a yacht may both be responsible for the injuries you sustained due to negligence in Fort Lauderdale.

    If the operator of the yacht acted negligently because of inexperience or inattention, causing your injuries, you could sue them for damages in Fort Lauderdale. Furthermore, the yacht owner may also be liable due to vicarious liability if the operator was under their employment at the time of the accident.

    In the event that you were injured because of an assault by another passenger or crewmember of a yacht, the owner might be partially liable as well. Although not all yachts have staff, some do, presenting the possibility of increased danger to passengers in Fort Lauderdale.

    Yacht accidents are not always obvious when it comes to fault. This is especially true in instances where victims might initially appear to have been injured by their own accord or a simple mistake. In reality, many yacht accidents, like trip and falls, boil down to negligence, giving you a reason to sue for compensatory damages.

    What to Do in the Aftermath of a Yacht Accident in Fort Lauderdale

    During the immediate aftermath of a yacht accident is when victims can and should take certain steps to aid in their future recovery in Fort Lauderdale.

    The most important thing to do following an accident on a yacht is to get medical attention. If the vessel itself is operational and did not become damaged by a collision or other event, get to shore as quickly as possible to receive medical care. If the vessel cannot operate safely, emergency personnel should be called so that you can be removed without sustaining further injuries.

    All boating accidents that take place in Florida, whether they happen on yachts or smaller vessels, must be reported to the necessary agencies. These include the local police and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. You should also inform the yacht owner of the accident if they are unaware of the event, preferably in writing.

    Our yacht accident lawyers can ensure you take the proper steps following an injury so that your claim is not damaged in the future. After you get the necessary treatment for your injuries and contact our attorneys, we can start gathering evidence of negligence, like eyewitness statements, to use against the at-fault party, whoever they might be.

    Filing Yacht Accident Lawsuits in Fort Lauderdale

    In 2023, Florida changed its statute of limitations for personal injury claims, impacting victims of all kinds, including those harmed in yacht accidents in Fort Lauderdale.

    Currently, the filing deadline for yacht accident lawsuits is two years from the date of injury, according to Fla. Stat. § 95.11(4). While Florida previously had a four-year statute of limitations for such lawsuits, that is no longer the case. This means that victims have to be even more proactive when it comes to recovering compensation.

    Unless your case meets any of the criteria of exceptions to the statute of limitations, make sure you file your lawsuit within the allotted timeframe. If you fail to do this, a judge might throw out your case, impeding and preventing your recovery in Fort Lauderdale.

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