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    Fort Lauderdale Jet Ski Accident Lawyer

    If you were recently hurt in a jet ski accident in Florida, contact our lawyers about recovering compensation.

    Jet skis, which are classified as personal watercraft (PWC) in Florida, are somewhat dangerous. Because they are small, larger vessels might not see or pay attention to jet skis and their operators. Furthermore, when multiple PWC are in operation in close proximity to one another, the likelihood of a crash increases. If you were injured while on a jet ski in Fort Lauderdale, liability for your damages might be hard to determine, depending on the specifics of your case. Our attorneys will carefully look into the circumstances of the event to determine fault and collect evidence of negligence to use in your compensation claim.

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    The Scope of Jet Ski Accidents in Fort Lauderdale

    Jet ski accidents can be incredibly dangerous for victims in Fort Lauderdale. So, how often do these types of accidents happen, and what are their main causes?

    A common type of accident involving jet skis occurs when multiple personal watercraft collide. This might happen when one operator is not following the proper safety procedures and attempts to operate their PWC too close to another rider. Because jet skis are used for recreational purposes, some individuals might act recklessly and operate their jet skis under the influence of alcohol, increasing the risk of accidents taking place.

    According to the most recent data regarding boating accidents in Florida, PWC like jet skis were involved in 24% of all reportable boating incidents in 2022. Just over half of all PWC accidents were caused by collisions with other vessels like recreational boats. These types of incidents might take place when boat operators are negligent and do not pay attention to swimmers or jet ski riders in the area. Jet ski accidents in Fort Lauderdale are relatively dangerous, confirmed by the fact that 154 victims were injured due to PWC accidents in Florida in 2022.

    While jet ski accidents might happen when tourists or others rent PWC from companies when on vacation, the majority of jet ski accidents, 98%, involve privately owned PWC. This means that, more often than not, you are more likely to be hurt when riding a PWC if they own it and use it regularly, which might surprise some.

    Liability for Jet Ski Accidents in Fort Lauderdale

    Determining liability for your recent jet ski accident in Fort Lauderdale might be challenging, depending on the complexity of your case. Our attorneys will review available evidence to identify who is ultimately to blame for the incident.

    We will start by outlining the events of the accident itself. Were you struck by another jet ski rider? Did you collide with a larger vessel like a recreational boat? We need to identify all involved parties and their specific actions in order to attribute fault correctly.

    If you were riding on a jet ski and it malfunctioned, causing you to collide with a larger vessel and get hurt, it could be that the PWC manufacturer is to blame. In this case, our jet ski accident lawyers can help you file an injury lawsuit against the manufacturer for compensation.

    Or, suppose you rented a jet ski and were injured due to mechanical failure or poor safety training. In that case, whether or not the company you rented the PWC from would be liable would depend on whether you signed a liability waiver before renting. Our attorneys can review the stipulations of this waiver to see if it will hold up in court.

    Using Witness Statements in Jet Ski Accident Claims in Fort Lauderdale

    While jet ski accidents happen on the water, they rarely take place far enough out at sea where there are no eyewitnesses. Because of this, our attorneys may be able to interview those who saw the accident firsthand to get their statements.

    People often jet ski in groups, whether with a rental company or with their friends. Furthermore, jet ski accidents most commonly happen in bays and sounds in Florida, not miles out at sea. That might mean that other boaters or PWC riders saw the incident take place.

    Speaking with eyewitnesses yourself might be difficult because of the circumstances. Your top priority should be getting to land safely and getting medical attention, not talking to witnesses. That said, if you are able to get their information safely, do so. Otherwise, our attorneys can identify eyewitnesses during the course of our investigation into your case. We can then contact eyewitnesses and interview them about the accident. Such statements can be used as evidence in your lawsuit against a negligent party, increasing your chances of recovery following a jet ski accident in Fort Lauderdale.

    Statute of Limitations on Jet Ski Accident Lawsuits in Fort Lauderdale

    Victims of jet ski accidents will not have an eternity to bring a compensation claim in Fort Lauderdale. Fail to file by the deadline and you will most likely be barred from recovery.

    All injury claims involving PWC, including jet skis, must be brought within two years. The statute of limitations is enforced by the court, meaning your claim may be rejected if you file too late.

    Filing on time requires work. It is important to ensure you have a strong case in place before you submit your complaint to the court so that you are prepared to go to trial if doing so is necessary. Even if we settle your case out of court, we will need to bring it by the filing deadline and be ready to leverage evidence during settlement negotiations so that you are satisfied with the end result of your jet ski injury claim in Fort Lauderdale.

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