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    Tampa Drowning Death Attorney

    Death by drowning after a boat accident, an overboard accident, or another accident near the water is incredibly tragic. In many cases, boat owners and property owners do not take the steps necessary to keep passengers and guests safe, which initially leads to these kinds of accidents. Then, many of these people fail to follow helpful search and rescue protocols, potentially making themselves liable for your loved one’s death.

    If your loved one died in a drowning accident in Tampa Bay or anywhere in the Tampa, Florida area, our attorneys may be able to help. The Tampa drowning death attorneys at Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A. work to help families get compensation from the parties responsible for their loved one’s drowning death. For a free legal consultation and help with your potential wrongful death lawsuit, call our Tampa drowning death lawyers today at (866) 386-1762.

    What to Do After a Loved One Dies in a Drowning Accident in Tampa, FL

    The aftermath of a deadly accident on or near the water can be confusing and difficult to handle. If you were present when the accident happened, the first thing you should do is report the accident and get help from emergency services. This could mean contacting harbor patrol, the Coast Guard, emergency medical services, and other services, especially if your loved one was rescued and still has a chance at seeking treatment and recovering. If anyone is certified in CPR, they should also try to help resuscitate a drowning victim if possible.

    If your loved one has already died in an accident or went missing after falling overboard from a boat and is presumed dead, there are other steps to take moving forward. Contact a lawyer early on in this process so that your lawyer can guide you through the rest of the steps. These other steps will usually involve contacting the boat owner or the owner of the property where the accident happened and telling them to preserve any evidence, including security footage or other evidence that could help prove what happened.

    Your lawyer can then file your case in court to begin the legal process of getting you the compensation you need for your loved one’s death.

    Lawsuits for Wrongful Death from Drowning in Tampa

    In many cases, filing a lawsuit against the parties responsible for your loved one’s death can help get you and your family compensation you need to keep going. If your loved one was responsible for household income, childcare, household services, or other duties in your family, then compensation for these losses might be essential to helping your family move forward. You will also be facing grief and loss that should also be redressed in a lawsuit.

    When you file a lawsuit against the parties responsible for your loved one’s death, your lawyer will need to explain what exactly they did wrong to lead to the death. In many cases, dangerous property or dangerous conditions on a boat can be grounds for a wrongful death suit if those dangers caused your loved one to fall into the water or injure themselves. Additionally, negligence that led to a boat crash – such as intoxicated operation – can also be grounds for a lawsuit. Our lawyer can help examine the evidence and witness statements about what happened and help determine what case theory to use to best advocate for you and your family.

    To win your case, your lawyer must also prove that the defendant’s negligence or wrongful acts actually caused your loved one’s death or disappearance. In many cases, the circumstances under which someone fell into the water and drowned are not well-documented. In some cases, you can prove that the defendant intentionally killed your loved one, but in other cases, the link to prove that they were responsible for the accident is tenuous at best. Most cases lie somewhere in between, where sufficient evidence can prove that the defendant is responsible for the death.

    Our lawyers will work to build a strong case and prove that the defendant caused your loved one’s accident. We will use witness testimony and evidence from the scene of the accident to show the jury what happened.

    Suing for Drowning Deaths and Disappearances in Tampa, FL

    Many drowning deaths are, technically speaking, “presumed” deaths. In many cases, the victim goes missing after falling into the water, and it may be days before a body is recovered, if it is recovered at all. These cases can be incredibly trying and scary for the family because they might have to start assuming their loved one is dead even if they cannot see it for themselves.

    In many cases, you can still prove to the court that your loved one’s presumed death is enough to move forward with your wrongful death case. Our attorneys can help guide you through this process and get damages for the memorial expenses instead of burial costs, along with other damages.

    Damages for Deadly Drowning Accidents in Tampa

    If your loved one was killed in a drowning accident, your family could be entitled to damages for the harm the deceased faced before death as well as the harm your family now faces in the aftermath. This can mean claiming damages for any end of life medical care and pain and suffering as well as financial compensation for your family’s lost income, lost household services, lost childcare, lost companionship, and more. You can even claim damages for the grief and other intangible things that you and your family face because of the death. Talk to a lawyer about calculating these damages.

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    If a member of your family passed away after a drowning accident or went missing from a boat or dock, our attorneys may be able to help you and your family file a wrongful death lawsuit. This kind of lawsuit can help you and your family seek compensation for your loss and get the payments you need to keep your family supported after your loved one’s death. For a free case consultation, call the Tampa drowning death attorneys at Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind today. Our phone number is (866) 386-1762.

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