How to Get Medical Records from Another Country for an Injury on a Cruise

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    How to Get Medical Records from Another Country for an Injury on a Cruise

    Going on a cruise ship is a fun, exciting vacation. But what if you sustain an injury while abroad and visit a foreign doctor? In that case, it is crucial to learn how to get access to those medical records. Doing so can greatly strengthen your future claim for compensatory damages against a negligent party.

    Consider hiring an attorney if you need to obtain medical records from a foreign country after a cruise ship injury. Accessing these records by yourself can be difficult, as you may face hurdles in doing so. That being said, it’s not always possible for injured passengers to visit a hospital abroad after sustaining injuries. In that case, victims should seek care from onboard physicians. Upon returning home, injured passengers should also visit a doctor, in case there is an issue obtaining medical records from another country.

    Our attorneys care about helping cruise ship injury victims get the justice they deserve. For a free case evaluation with the cruise ship injury attorneys at Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A., call today at (305) 204-5369.

    Getting Medical Records from Another Country After a Cruise Ship Injury

    If you’ve been injured while on a cruise and can get medical attention in a foreign country, obtaining those records can be difficult. That being said, getting medical records after a cruise ship injury is crucial to strengthen your compensation claim against a negligent party.

    Obtaining medical records for a cruise ship injury after leaving a foreign country can be hard. Getting in contact with the appropriate hospital or foreign doctor can seem impossible to cruise ship accident victims. Because of that, it’s important to seek help from a Miami boating accident attorney. Your lawyer will know who to contact in order to obtain your medical records from another country.

    If you did visit a foreign hospital after a cruise ship injury, it’s important to keep your own records. For example, keep track of which hospital you visited and which doctor assessed your injuries. Suppose you were able to use your insurance to cover the cost of that initial hospital visit. In that case, your attorney can reach out to your insurer for information regarding the facility and track down your medical records.

    After sustaining a devastating cruise ship injury, victims shouldn’t have to face the hurdles of getting their medical records from another country alone. Enlist the help of an experienced attorney who’s familiar with obtaining medical records from foreign hospitals so that you can access these crucial documents to support your claim against a negligent party.

    Can You Always Get Medical Attention in Another Country When Injured on a Cruise?

    After sustaining injuries on a cruise ship, getting medical attention in a foreign country can be difficult. Suppose the ship isn’t going to dock in a foreign port soon. In that case, you may be unable to visit a hospital in another country to get your injuries assessed.

    If you cannot get medical attention in another country while injured on a cruise, that doesn’t mean you cannot see a doctor. Generally, cruise ships have medical professionals on board, like doctors and nurses, in the event of a passenger injury. If your cruise ship does provide access to medical professionals, and you are not currently docked in a foreign country, it is wise to seek medical care on board.

    That’s because it is important to get immediate attention for your cruise ship injuries. The longer you wait to seek medical attention, the less severe your injuries can appear. Efficiency is crucial in cruise ship injury lawsuits to show that plaintiffs sought out the medical care they needed as soon as possible.

    Should You Visit a Foreign Doctor if You Are Injured on a Cruise in Another Country?

    Even if you’ve received immediate medical attention from cruise ship doctors or nurses, it is important to visit a foreign doctor as soon as the ship docks at a port. It’s often wise to seek additional medical attention to get a better understanding of the extent of your injuries.

    While cruise ships do often have licensed medical professionals on board, it’s important to note these doctors and nurses do, in fact, work for the cruise line in question. Therefore, it is always a good idea to get a second opinion regarding the severity of your injuries as soon as possible.

    This is especially true if a cruise line’s negligence contributed to your injuries. It is possible that a cruise ships medical staff might downplay your injuries for fear of legal action. If you wait until you are home to visit a doctor, it may be difficult to prove that your injuries were sustained while on a cruise ship.

    Therefore, our cruise ship injury lawyers advise you to visit a foreign doctor as soon as possible. That way, medical professionals can corroborate your injuries and their likely cause.

    What Happens if You Can’t Get Medical Records from Another Country for Cruise Ship Injuries?

    Even if you’ve sought care from cruise ship doctors and foreign medical professionals after sustaining injuries while on a cruise ship, it is important to seek medical attention when you return home. If you are then unable to get your foreign medical records, you will then have additional records to corroborate your claims.

    After sustaining an injury on a cruise ship, seeking medical care from multiple sources is important. Our Tampa boat accident lawyers do advise that injured passengers go to the first immediately available source. Usually, that is onboard medical staff. Next, injured passengers should visit a foreign doctor once a ship docks. Upon returning home, victims should also seek medical care domestically. That way, they will have created multiple records of their injuries.

    So, suppose there is an issue accessing your medical records from another country. In that case, you will have medical records attesting to your injuries from additional sources. This is crucial, especially if you plan to sue a cruise ship or another passenger for compensatory damages for your injuries.

    Our Attorneys Can Help You Get Foreign Medical Records After a Cruise Ship Injury

    If you were able to receive foreign medical attention after a cruise ship injury, getting access to those records is crucial. For a free case evaluation with the Jacksonville boating accident attorneys at Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A., call us today at (305) 204-5369.

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