Cruising is Making a Comeback

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After a rough go during the pandemic, cruise lines are ready to set sail in 2022 leaving the drama of Covid-19 in its wake. With lower positivity rates across the country, more people are feeling confident to travel once again.

For cruise lines, a number of regulations put in place during the pandemic have been lifted, giving travelers confidence from the CDC that trips are safe again. The agency recently lowered the cruise ship COVID-19 Travel Health Notice to Level 2, which is labeled as Moderate.

A recent study from AAA says cruising is poised to make a strong comeback. The Auto Club Group’s travel agency reports that cruise bookings in March 2022 are twice as strong as the same time last year and experts think that positive momentum will continue throughout the travel season.

Several themed cruises have started popping up as a way to boost cruising sales and excitement. There’s everything from band cruises to various hobby-related cruises and even a Shitt’s Creek-themed cruise based on a the popular sitcom. This is just another sign that cruises are expecting big crowds, even for niche markets.

Things might not look the same on a cruise as they did pre-Covid. The food buffets likely have a new, more safety-focused format and you can expect more touchless technology throughout the ships, for everything from room keys to event check-ins. Smaller cruise ships and charters will probably grow in popularity since some travelers aren’t ready to be stuck on a boat with thousands of people yet, but a few hundred will work.

Whether you decide to go big or choose a smaller ship for your next excursion, there is no denying that cruising is back. With many safety protocols in place, travelers are ready to hit the high seas.

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