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    Key Biscayne Boat Accident Lawyer

    Boating accidents can happen in many different ways, but the results are often the same: passengers and crew face serious injuries or even death.  If you were hurt in a boat accident, you might have a case against the party that caused the crash.

    In some cases, the responsible party is a commercial entity – a company that does boat tours, cruises, fishing trips, parasailing, water-skiing, or other activities on the water.  In some cases, it will be a private individual, such as a friend taking you out on a speedboat that turns out to be far less safe than anticipated.  And in other cases, the at-fault party will be another boater who crashed into your vessel.

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    Types of Boating Accidents Our Key Biscayne Lawyers Can Help With

    Our experienced boat accident lawyers deal with all kinds of accidents involving boats, ships, jet skis, and other vessels in Key Biscayne and throughout South Florida.  The following are just some of the accidents we can help with, so contact us even if your accident is not listed here:

    Water Skiing Accidents and Other Towing Activities

    A tragic 2024 water-skiing accident in Key Biscayne that saw the death of a 15-year-old highlights just how dangerous water-skiing accidents can be.  In that case, a hit-and-run boater allegedly struck and killed the water skier before taking off.

    In many water-skiing accidents, the dangers come from other boaters and operators around you, but in some crashes, the person driving your boat is liable.  This is especially true in cases where the operator might be inexperienced with towing people behind their boat.  This can also lead to dangers for wakeboarding, tubing, and even parasailing.

    Especially if the accident involved a company that specifically claims to perform these kinds of activities, the accident might be caused by negligent hiring involving inexperienced operators, problems with boats, and other issues.

    Two-Boat Collisions

    When one boat crashes into another, it is usually because of serious mistakes.  Often, inexperienced operators are to blame, with the pilot unable to slow down or steer properly to avoid other vessels.  In many cases, they will enter areas they are not supposed to be in (such as shipping lanes) and cause accidents when they cannot get back out safely.

    Often, inadequate enforcement of licensing requirements and dangerous boat rental companies who will give out a boat to anyone are to blame for putting people at risk.  Even so, the individual operator who caused the crash is likely liable in court.

    Drunk Boating

    While inexperience is one of the most common causes of boating accidents, drunk boating is another.  Just like with DUI, drunken operation of a boat is incredibly dangerous.  Drunk operators might hit other boats, stationary objects, swimmers, jet ski operators, surfers, and anyone else in their path, causing serious property damage and physical injuries.

    Jet Ski Accidents

    Jet skis, wave runners, and other personal watercraft can be rented across Key Biscayne and nearby areas, and these renters are not often experienced in handling these vessels.  Accidents involving jet skis can often be blamed on the jet ski operator, but they might be innocent victims if the crash was caused by the operator of a larger boat who failed to look out for smaller vessels.

    Pier and Dock Accidents

    Vessels crashing into piers, docks, and other stationary structures can cause injury to people on the boat as well as those on the pier.  If you were injured in one of these accidents, you can often seek compensation from the responsible boat operator or the company that operated the boat.

    Nighttime Boating Accidents

    Accidents at night are often more dangerous because of the decreased visibility.  Despite lighting on boats to help operators see and be seen, judging speed and direction is harder in the dark, and boaters often get in over their heads as the sun is going down, later causing crashes trying to navigate in the dark.

    Ship and Boat Problems

    Many accidents are caused by problems with the vessel.  While something catastrophic like a sudden engine fire might be rare, accidents involving sudden engine problems or engine failure are far more common.  Especially if a boat has not been used in a while or its owner is not one for regular maintenance, they could be putting passengers and other boaters at risk by failing to keep their vessel safe.

    Cruise, Tour, and Ferry Accidents

    Ferries, small cruise yachts, and touring vessels are often open to the public or chartered for short trips.  These vessels are often operated by a company that can be held responsible for problems with the vessel, problems with unsafe crew, and accidents caused by unsafe operation and other issues.

    Suing for a Boat Accident in Key Biscayne, FL

    Our attorneys can help you file a lawsuit for a boat accident in Key Biscayne or anywhere else in Florida, but there is some important information to gather and research first.  First and foremost, we need to know who to sue.  In many cases, this will be the boat owner, but it could also be a different operator.  Second, we need to know what happened and what they did wrong to cause the accident, including any legal violations they committed.  Third, we need to know what damages you suffered and what injuries you faced because of the accident.  Our attorneys can help you research and assemble all of this information to build a strong case after your boat accident.

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