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    Gulf Coast Barge Accident Attorney

    Barge workers often have to use caution when performing their duties. However, if the operator of the barge does not provide a safe workspace, there is still a possibility for barge workers to sustain serious or life-threatening injuries. When this happens, a barge worker may have a valid claim for damages. If you sustained injuries in a barge accident on the Gulf Coast, you should consult with an experienced Gulf Coast barge accident attorney.

    Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A., is committed to working with victims of serious barge accidents. Our firm understands that a barge accident can change a victim’s life, and we want to aid you through this difficult time. You should not have to deal with expensive medical bills, injuries, and other financial losses due to the negligence of another. For your free and confidential case evaluation call our offices at (866) 386-1762.

    Common Reasons for Gulf Coast Barge Accidents

    Many companies use barges to transport items and materials to and from states bordering the Gulf Coast. However, some companies may not utilize proper safety precautions to ensure that workers on a barge are provided with a work environment that is safe. If a barge worker is injured while performing their duties, they may have a valid claim against their employer or a third party. Here are some common scenarios of barge crashes and other incidents that could trigger a possible lawsuit.

    Negligent Navigating

    When operating a barge, a captain should charter a safe route to their destination. If a barge pilot behaves negligently while navigating, they might cause a serious accident that may injure workers and passengers aboard the vessel. For example, if the barge pilot makes contact with protruding rocks in the Gulf Coast, the people aboard the barge could suffer bone fractures and other injuries due to the impact.

    Furthermore, if a barge pilot does not pay attention to other boats in their vicinity, they could also cause a collision that could injure people on both vessels. Whether you were on the barge or another vessel when the collision happened, you should contact an experienced barge accident lawyer to explore your legal options.

    Slip and Falls

    As you might expect, the deck of a barge can frequently become slippery and dangerous due to storms, oil spills, and other mistakes. When an operator of a barge does not act quickly to clean up dangerous spills, they could cause severe slip and fall accidents. Victims of slip and fall accidents on a barge could sustain head injuries, back injuries, bone fractures, and could even fall from the boat and possibly drown. Our firm is here to help you pursue damages if you were injured after slipping while working aboard a barge.

    Fires and Explosions

    Barges are often used to transport barrels of oil and other flammable materials to various states. That is why it is important that the operator of the barge take extreme caution to ensure these containers are properly handled. A simple spark or misplaced barrel could cause an explosion that could injure multiple people aboard the barge. Alternatively, a fire could also begin because a barge was not properly maintained by the owner of the vessel.

    Barge workers should be concerned about being overexposed to dangerous chemicals that are being transported. Employers should ensure that workers have proper safety equipment to reduce the risk of injuries from inhalation or skin contact with harmful chemicals.

    Man Overboard

    The owner or operator of a barge should also have precautions to decrease the probability of workers and other falling overboard. Additionally, if a person does fall from the ship, it is imperative to act quickly to get the person back on the vessel as the current in the Gulf Coast could easily cause a person to drown.
    There are some other circumstances that may explain how a barge accident occurred. If you require assistance with recovering damages after a barge accident, you should contact our Gulf Coast barge accident lawyers.

    Pursuing Compensation for a Barge Accident in the Gulf Coast

    If you were the victim of a barge accident on the Gulf Coast, you may pursue damages for your losses in multiple ways. If you are eligible, you could file a claim for benefits using the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA). This would allow a barge worker to recover benefits for medical expenses and injuries that occurred in the navigable waters of the United States.

    Another option is to seek a personal injury case against the employer responsible for your injuries. Note, however, that you cannot pursue benefits under the LHWCA and a barge injury lawsuit at the same time. Additionally, if a third party is responsible for your accident, you may have a valid claim against that individual.

    Our firm could help you weigh your options to determine what will work for your specific case.

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    If you are a worker that was injured in a barge accident on the Gulf Coast, you should waste no time in speaking with a Gulf Coast barge accident attorney today. The skilled legal team at Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A., possess years of legal experience litigating a variety of boat accident claims, and our staff would be pleased to litigate on your behalf. Call (866) 386-1762 to talk to our skilled legal team about seeking damages for your injuries. As mentioned, online consultation scheduling is also an option.

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