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A catastrophic injury could change your life and impact everyone in your family. Medical expenses are typically astronomical and treatment becomes the focus of your life. When performing the ordinary tasks required to live becomes challenging or physically impossible, your quality of life and that of your family suffers.

These challenges are difficult to accept, especially if your injury resulted from recklessness or negligence on the part of another person or entity. Our Miami personal injury lawyers provide legal assistance to individuals and their families who experienced a devastating injury. We help you fight for the compensation you deserve and need to move forward with your life. Call Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A. at (305) 204-5369 to schedule a free consultation.

Personal Injuries in Miami

People throughout Miami are injured every day. Some are hurt in car crashes or slip and fall accidents. However, every injury is not the same and every accident does not result in a catastrophic injury. The term catastrophic injury is used to describe a broad category of significant and life-altering injuries. It is more than a broken bone that takes a few weeks to heal. A catastrophic injury will impact a person’s quality of life, leaving them depressed or despondent. Often, a victim will often be unable to walk, work, or accomplish the ordinary daily tasks of life. These injuries will put a family under tremendous financial and emotional strain while the injured person struggles with recovery and medical treatments.

Do Not Hesitate to Seek Legal Representation After An Injury in Miami

The steps you take immediately following a personal injury will often influence your ability to recover damages from a negligent party. Florida follows the doctrine of comparative negligence law, so any degree of fault could decrease your chances of compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. A mere statement of concern or an expression of sorrow following an injury could be construed as an admission of fault. Our experienced Miami personal injury attorney is available to provide the legal guidance and representation you need from the beginning.

Prevailing in a personal injury lawsuit begins with immediately gathering evidence to prove negligence and liability. In many cases, the best evidence is only available soon after an incident occurs. For example, surveillance video that is erased every seven or thirty days could prove vital in demonstrating what happened. By contacting our office as soon as possible, we can work to preserve critical evidence and talk with witnesses while the incident is still fresh in their memories.

Additionally, you do not have an unlimited time to file a personal injury claim in Miami. The Florida statute of limitations requires that a personal injury lawsuit is filed within four years of the injury. While this might appear to be plenty of time, in the case of a catastrophic injury, it could take months or years of medical treatment and therapy before we understand the actual physical, mental, and financial impact of the damage. Not knowing the extent of the harm is one reason you do not want to accept a settlement offer from an insurance company before speaking with our seasoned Miami personal injury attorney. If your injury alters your entire life, you do not want to accept a quick offer just to receive immediate compensation. Once you accept a settlement, even if the amount is insufficient to cover your medical expenses, lost income, and emotional distress, you are prohibited from seeking additional compensation through a lawsuit.

Common Personal and Catastrophic Injuries in Miami

As stated above, a personal injury can have long-term adverse effects that will substantially deteriorate a person’s quality of life. These injuries can occur in various ways, including motor vehicle crashes, boating accidents, work-related incidents, and other accidents that result in devastating harm.

Often, a catastrophic injury will involve damage to a person’s brain or a severe injury to their spinal column. Other types of injuries include burns, multiple fractures, amputation, and complete or partial paralysis. Personal injuries can result in long-term medical care and could require expensive in-home healthcare or modifications to your home. Our Miami personal injury attorneys will fight for the compensation you need to withstand this financial burden.

Damages Available After a Personal Injury in Miami

Personal injuries typically result in significant medical costs, lost income, and other unforeseen expenses. Injured victims and their loved ones generally do not anticipate the full cost of a devastating injury. In addition to the financial and physical losses, a victim often suffers from severe mental and emotional anguish. Our Miami personal injury attorney will calculate the value of the damages sustained.

You are entitled to recover your financial losses through a personal injury lawsuit. These economic damages include the medical costs you have already incurred and those you will be required to pay in the future. Additionally, you should be compensated for any wages you would have earned had you not been injured.

Non-economic damages can be recovered for your physical and emotional suffering. If your quality of life is forever altered, you deserve to be compensated for the mental anguish associated with your injury. While these types of damages are difficult to calculate, our office will work closely with you, your family, and your healthcare providers to fully understand the impact of your injury.

Call Our Miami Personal Injury Lawyer for a Free Consultation

Any personal injury can impact your life. When the injury is catastrophic, the results are often life-altering. Our experienced Miami devastating injury lawyer is dedicated to representing those hurt through the negligence of others. Devastating injuries not only result in physical harm, they harm a person and their family financially and emotionally. You need an aggressive attorney fighting for your proper compensation. Call Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A. at (305) 204-5369 to schedule a free consultation.


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