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Our lead trial lawyer Brett Rivkind has an international reputation for dedication and excellence. His hard work and success have been recognized extensively through awards and special recognitions.

Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A. is one of the preeminent maritime law firms in the country. Our lawyers have handled all types of maritime, admiralty, boating accident, and cruise ship injury cases. Our firm has handled cases on behalf of passengers, injured seaman, and maritime workers from all over the world. Our attorneys have also testified before Congress in issues concerning maritime and admiralty law.

If you or a loved one was injured in a boating accident, was injured while working on a ship, or suffered injuries aboard a cruise ship, contact our law offices to learn more about how to file a maritime injury lawsuit and seek damages for the harms you and your family suffered. For a free legal consultation, call our attorneys today at (305) 204-5369.

Maritime Lawyers for Injuries at Sea

People who suffer injuries on boats, jet skis, cruise ships, or other vessels may have their personal injury and wrongful death claims decided under the General Maritime Law of the United States. Admiralty or maritime jurisdiction is a type of federal law that has special jurisdiction over any claims dealing with ships and injuries or disputes at sea.

To practice maritime and admiralty law, many states require additional certification beyond passing the bar in that state. Our attorneys are certified in maritime law and focus on these kinds of cases. We also have decades of experience dealing with these kinds of cases and understand the intricacies of maritime law, jurisdiction, and venue, and we know what it takes to get our clients the compensation they need in these kinds of claims.

Suing for Financial Compensation for Injuries on Ships and Boats

Aboard a ship, your safety depends on the captain, the crew, and the ship owner taking proper precautions to protect you and others in your situation. Consider the conditions on a cruise ship: the crew maintains the physical conditions on the ship, the captain oversees the navigation and piloting, the food is provided for you, and security is operated by crew and staff. If anything goes wrong with any of these things, you could face serious injuries as a passenger or worker on the ship.

In other situations, you could be injured as a seaman or a worker on a ship, barge, fishing boat, tug, or offshore oil rig. In many of these situations, you are also dependent on the ship’s owners and operators, as well as your employers and supervisors, to make sure that you come back to shore safe and sound.

People who are injured in these kinds of situations can often file injury lawsuits to get financial compensation for the harm they suffered. These lawsuits are handled under maritime law, which may lead to different outcomes than general law at the state or federal level would have. Most cases against ships and cruise lines should be filed in the jurisdiction where the ship’s home port is located. Other times, passenger tickets and contracts might have clauses dictating where the suit must be filed. Our attorneys can figure out the right place to file your lawsuit and help you fight the case against the right parties so that you can get the compensation you need.

Damages for Death and Injury on a Ship

Victims of serious injuries aboard a ship may need help dealing with medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. These damages can be quite substantial in many cases, especially if the victim suffered permanent injuries or disabilities. In many cases where victims are lost at sea or killed in an accident, the family may be entitled to sue for additional damages related to their lost companionship, burial expenses, funeral costs, and other expenses brought about by a death in the family. The attorneys at Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A. can help you understand what your case might be worth.

The damages for medical expenses can be very high for many injuries at sea. Getting the help you need for your injuries may require medical evacuation on a helicopter or another boat. The cost of this transportation will be the first expense. If the transportation takes a long time, your injuries may get worse before they can be treated, resulting in additional costs to help reverse the effects of the delayed treatment. Lastly, if the injuries are treated by negligent care at a foreign hospital, you may need even more care when you return home. All of these damages and other costs of medical care can be covered.

If you have to miss work because of your injuries, you may be entitled to claim damages for the lost wages you faced. These damages can include the wages you missed while recovering from your injuries as well as any future wages you will miss if you suffered a serious disability from permanent injuries. This is common for workers in dangerous professions like fishing and offshore oil drilling.

Damages for pain and suffering are also available in many injury cases. Even if the injuries are not permanent, you may still suffer intense pain and mental/emotional effects from the injury. Our attorneys can help you get compensation for these effects as well.

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If you or someone in your family was injured on a ship or boat, contact our lawyers today. We can handle cases dealing with cruise ship injuries and injuries to seamen and offshore workers as well as other injuries involving seaplanes, snorkeling, diving, and other injuries at sea. For a free legal consultation on your injury case, call Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind today at (305) 204-5369.


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