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Welcome to the law firm of RIVKIND & MARGULIES, P.A. The Miami Admiralty and Maritime trial lawyers of RIVKIND & MARGULIES, P.A., have over 75 years of combined legal experience. The firm has an international reputation for dedication and excellence. It is an A/V rated firm with Martindale Hubbell, which is the highest rating a law firm can receive based on reviews by their peers. Passengers and crewmembers from around the world have sought the representation of our firm for all types of cases, including the specialty of Admiralty and Maritime Law, personal injury and wrongful death cases, sexual assaults/rapes, crimes aboard ships, medical negligence and disappearances. Other maritime lawyers have sought the representation of Brett Rivkind because of his knowledge and skills in the area of maritime personal injury law and wrongful death, including hiring him to tackle difficult and complex appellate legal issues in the field of maritime personal injury and wrongful death. Brett Rivkind is a nationally renowned Miami cruise ship accident lawyer and wrongful death attorney, and has been an invited speaker at congressional hearings regarding maritime laws pertaining to safety aboard cruise ships. He has appeared on numerous national television shows on the topic of maritime personal injury and wrongful death laws, including three appearances on the Larry King Live television show. The firm has handled thousands of maritime personal injury and wrongful death cases, including many high profile and landmark cases in the area. Our firm is committed to ensure justice is done. We know it is a very important decision to select an attorney. We feel it is a privilege to represent our clients, and we encourage you to call for a free consultation and talk directly to one of our Miami cruise ship accident attorneys. For a Free Consultation Contact Us: 305-374-0565

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