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    Royal Caribbean Injury Lawyer

    When an accident turns a vacation on a Royal Caribbean cruise from the trip of a lifetime to your worst nightmare, our lawyers can help you recover the damages you need.

    Often, injuries sustained on Royal Caribbean cruises are due to physical assaults, trips, falls overboard, and sexual assaults. All of these incidents might lead to serious injuries, including broken bones, head injuries, and fatal injuries. After an accident on a cruise ship, document your injuries and report them as necessary. Our lawyers can then review the available information to determine liability for your injuries. If you have a claim against Royal Caribbean, our lawyers can identify the proper jurisdiction for your case and help you file it on time. Injury victims can recover various damages against negligent cruise lines, including compensation for their pain and suffering.

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    Common Accidents and Injuries on Royal Caribbean Cruises

    Cruises are hotspots for accidents and injuries. Whether due to negligence or intentional wrongdoing, these incidents could seriously harm cruise ship passengers, entitling them to compensation.

    Like all ships that make port in the United States, Royal Caribbean must report certain crime and accident data to the FBI. According to this information, there were 20 reported sexual assaults and rapes on Royal Caribbean cruises in 2023. There was one reported instance of assault with serious bodily injury. There was also one suspicious death and one instance of a missing U.S. national in 2023.

    Assaults can cause various injuries, both emotional and physical. Physical assaults by crew members or other passengers might cause broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and emotional damages. Negligent security practices or overserving alcohol to passengers might cause these types of incidents on cruise ships.

    Other accidents, like slip and fall accidents, also cause serious injuries. Slip and falls might lead to falls overboard, which could lead to death or a missing passenger. Slips on slick decks could cause fractures, contusions, and head injuries.

    Gathering Evidence of a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Injury

    When accidents happen at sea, victims must intentionally collect evidence. Otherwise, proof might be lost or destroyed, making it harder for victims to recover the damages they deserve.

    Under the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act, all cruise ships that make port in the U.S. must maintain video surveillance systems on board, the purpose being to deter criminal, dangerous, or reckless activity. Depending on where exactly on the ship the accident happened, there might be surveillance footage.

    Our lawyers can contact Royal Caribbean to request access to this footage if it exists. Acting quickly in this area is important so that no one intentionally or unintentionally deletes the footage.

    If anyone else witnessed the accident, talk to them. You do not have to review the accident in detail with eyewitnesses. Simply ask for their contact information so that we can reach out to interview them in the future.

    After sustaining an injury on a cruise, get medical attention. While Royal Caribbean ships typically have medical facilities and staff on board, you should get further care when you make port or return home. Get confirmation of your injuries from other medical professionals and continue getting the necessary treatment as you heal. This can result in medical evidence our attorneys can use to prove your claim.

    Liability for Injuries Sustained on Royal Caribbean Cruises

    Determining liability for injuries sustained on a recent Royal Caribbean cruise or other cruise is important. Our lawyers can review the specifics of your case to identify who is at fault for your damages.

    Often, victims can file injury claims against negligent cruise ship companies. Failing to provide safe environments or adequate security for passengers might be negligent. Cruise ship companies might be liable for the crew members’ actions as well. For example, if a crew member assaulted and injured a passenger, the cruise ship company might be liable due to vicarious liability. Whether or not this is true in your case might depend on your passenger ticket and additional factors.

    If you can file a claim against Royal Caribbean for a cruise ship injury, you will have to do so in the proper jurisdiction. Because Royal Caribbean’s headquarters are in Florida, you might have to file your claim in federal court in Florida. Our Royal Caribbean injury lawyers can review your passenger ticket to identify any additional stipulations that might impact liability for your damages and other aspects of your case.

    Compensation for Injuries Sustained on Royal Caribbean Cruises

    After proving the cruise line’s or other party’s fault for your injuries, you can recover the compensation you are owed. Such compensation can cover various damages from cruise ship injuries, like lost wages and medical bills.

    Medical costs are compensable in injury lawsuits. Our lawyers can organize and add up all costs related to your medical treatment and support your request for damages with invoices and bills. We can also include your lost income in your total economic damages if you cannot work because of the accident in question.

    Traumatic accidents can leave emotional scars in addition to physical injuries. Non-economic damages in cruise ship injury lawsuits can compensate victims for their pain and suffering. Victims with serious and life-altering injuries might be more likely to recover non-economic damages in claims against Royal Caribbean or other cruise lines.

    If a cruise line acted with gross negligence leading up to the accident, the court might award you punitive damages. For example, in some cases, failing to do routine safety inspections or hiring unqualified crew members might be considered gross negligence. Juries typically award punitive damages to punish defendants and deter similar behavior, which is why such damages might be available in some cruise ship injury claims.

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