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The Miami River originally ran from the Everglades down through the City of Miami. Today, the river has many man-made changes and attached waterways that make it a main artery through the city. While the river is used for shipping, it is also used by many people in pleasure boats and even for tours and transportation throughout the city.

People injured in boating accidents on the Miami River are often entitled to compensation for the injuries they face. The Miami River boat accident attorneys at Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A. represent these victims and their families, and we fight to get them the compensation and damages they need for their injuries. For help with your potential case, call our attorneys today for a free legal consultation. Our phone number is (866) 386-1762.

Can You Sue for Injuries in a Boating Accident on the Miami River

Accidents on the Miami River often lead to lawsuits. Victims of serious injuries caused by another person’s negligent or intentional actions can face expensive medical bills and could be left unable to work to support themselves because of their injuries. On top of the costs of damage to their boats and other harms, they could face substantial damages they need financial compensation for. A lawsuit is one of the best ways to get that compensation.

Some boaters in Miami carry insurance that helps cover injuries in the case of a crash. However, these insurance policies might exclude damages for pain and suffering and other areas of damages. They might also pay only a portion of the damages, leaving victims with unpaid expenses. Instead of taking an insurance settlement, a lawsuit is often the best way to get your damages covered in full.

To file a lawsuit, work with a lawyer. It is likely that the defendant will have a lawyer or that their insurance company will provide them with one, so it is often in your best interests to have your own lawyer. An attorney can help you understand what your case is worth and help argue for full damages. You should never trust the defendant’s valuation of the case without having your own lawyer review the case and perform an independent calculation of the damages.

Types of Boat Accidents on the Miami River

The Miami River itself is wide enough for boats to pass each other easily in most areas. However, many of the narrower waterways coming off of it are where accidents often happen. Accidents on the Miami River and other waterways in Miami often fall into a few different categories based on the cause and what kind of damage and injuries the accident causes:

Crashes into Stationary Objects

Boats do not have brakes, and inexperienced boaters and seasoned pilots alike may get into situations where they cannot stop the boat as quickly as they need to. Negligent boat operators could crash into stationary objects like pillars and piles under a bridge, docks at marinas, and even rocks and walls along the water’s edge. These accidents often cause serious injuries to people aboard the boat, especially if the accident occurred at high speeds.

Boat Collisions

When two boats crash into each other, many people could be injured. Especially when ferries, tour boats, party boats, or yachts are involved, there could be many passengers on each ship. The passengers and operators could face serious injuries if they fall to the ground or into bulkheads, or they could face worse injuries if they fall overboard during the crash.

Overboard Accidents and Other Accidents Aboard Ships

Accidents on deck could lead to slip and fall injuries, falls overboard, injuries from fires or electrical hazards, or other injuries aboard a boat. If you were injured in any of these ways, the owner of the vessel could be liable for the injuries you faced.

Boat Accidents Involving Swimmers and Small Boats

While the waters of the Miami River itself do not lend themselves to swimming, people can still be injured trying to swim in other waters or after having fallen off of another boat or a bridge or dock. Small boats, dinghies, and rafts could be used in some of the waters throughout Miami, and if any of the occupants on these vessels are hit by a larger boat, they could suffer serious injuries. The same is true for swimmers hit by boats in these waters.


Tour boats, ferries, and other vessels that take on passengers must be properly maintained to avoid accidents and mechanical failure. Serious engine malfunctions could result in fires, which could be deadly for the passengers.

Bad Weather Accidents

Boat operators who take their vessels out for parties, sightseeing, or other events during inclement weather could be putting everyone on board the boat at risk. While the waters of the Miami River are not as susceptible to serious bad weather events, boats on the river could be at a higher risk of capsizing or crashing during bad weather.

Drunk Boating

Drunk boating accidents are some of the most serious accidents victims could face on the Miami River or in any of the waters throughout Miami. As with drunk driving accidents, intoxicated operators could be held liable for any injuries and deaths they cause at the helm.

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