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    Mediterranean Cruise Injury Lawyer

    If an accident ruined your Mediterranean cruise and injured you, our lawyers can help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

    Mediterranean cruise injuries typically happen because of negligence. For example, failing to follow safety guidelines for cruise ships could result in passenger injuries. Poor hiring practices for crew members could increase the risk of assaults or other injuries due to intentional wrongful acts. When responding to a cruise ship injury, report it. Get a copy of your written report and then get medical treatment from onboard medical staff. When you leave the ship, continue your treatment as necessary. Cruise ship injury claims can be challenging to navigate as they fall under maritime law. Our attorneys can initiate your case immediately so that you can avoid missing the filing deadline or facing difficulties overcoming the burden of proof in your lawsuit.

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    Common Mediterranean Cruise Accidents and Injuries

    Injuries on Mediterranean cruise ships are often due to negligence or intentional wrongful acts. For example, failing to maintain a safe deck free from hazards would be negligent, while a crew member assaulting a passenger would be intentional. That said, either situation could leave victims with significant injuries and damages, enabling them to file civil lawsuits.

    Accidents and Injuries Due to Negligence

    Going on a Mediterranean cruise is a vacation, and, for some, that involves alcohol consumption. Cruise ships and their staff might be liable for accidents or injuries due to overserving of alcohol. For example, suppose a crew member sees that a passenger is visibly intoxicated and continues to serve them. If that passenger then tripped and fell because of their injuries, the cruise ship could be liable.

    Being at sea is inherently dangerous due to the risk of falling overboard. Cruise ship companies have to mitigate that risk by installing guardrails at least 42 inches above the deck, according to 46 U.S.C. § 3507(a)(1)(A), a vital section of the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act (CVSSA). Failing to maintain adequate guardrails could result in a fall overboard. Such accidents might lead to fatal injuries or missing persons. When victims survive falls overboard, they might suffer life-altering injuries, such as anoxic brain injuries.

    Mediterranean cruises might have pools or other water features onboard. There is a risk of slippery or wet decks on cruises. Crew members should respond to obvious spills on slick decks by cleaning them up or setting out the necessary signage indicating a hazard. If they do not, and a passenger slips and falls, the crew ship could be liable.

    Many acts of negligence could cause passenger injuries on Mediterranean cruises. If you were injured and are unsure who exactly is to blame, our lawyers can investigate the matter further to determine fault.

    Accidents Injuries Due to Intentional Wrongful Acts

    Unfortunately, Mediterranean cruises are not necessarily safe for passengers. When cruises dock at ports along the way, they should maintain the proper security to ensure non-passengers do not board the vessel. Injuries due to intentional assaults by non-passengers, crew members, and other passengers happen fairly frequently on cruises.

    According to information reported to the FBI by cruise ships in 2023, there were 22 reported cases of assault with serious bodily injury, 52 reported cases of sexual assault, and 79 reported cases of rape. Such intentional wrongful acts often leave victims with serious physical and emotional damages that warrant compensation through civil litigation. In some cases, if an assault is due to negligent security on behalf of the cruise ship, the cruise company could be liable. Cruise ships may be liable for damages due to assaults for other reasons as well.

    How to Respond to a Mediterranean Cruise Accident or Injury

    How you respond to an accident on a Mediterranean cruise could affect your compensation claim in the future. Start by filing a report and getting medical care. Our lawyers can initiate your case immediately by investigating the accident, determining fault, and preparing evidence.

    File a Report

    If hurt on a Mediterranean cruise, inform the cruise line directly. Cruises typically have reporting procedures for injured passengers to follow. When making a written report, include all pertinent information, but be careful not to say anything that could indicate you share liability. Ask for a copy of the report. Depending on the incident, you might choose to involve law enforcement when you dock.

    When you file the report, take time to preserve evidence as well. For example, Mediterranean cruises that make port in the U.S. at any point along a voyage must have onboard surveillance systems per the CVSSA. Because of this, there is a possibility that the accident itself was filmed. So, when filing an accident report with the cruise ship company, tell them you want access to video footage. If they deny access, our Mediterranean cruise injury lawyers can get involved and subpoena the footage if necessary.

    Get Medical Care

    Broken bones, lacerations, head injuries, and others typically require immediate treatment from onboard medical professionals. Cruise ships do not have extensive medical facilities but may be able to give you initial treatment. Ask for your records from onboard medical professionals before you leave the cruise. Get treatment from other medical professionals to confirm your injuries and get the additional care you need as quickly as you can. For example, upon your return home, you may need to see certain specialists for more specific tests, treatments, medications, or therapies.

    Initiate Your Case

    Mediterranean cruise injury claims are handled differently than other injury lawsuits, as they fall under maritime law. This could complicate things for victims regarding jurisdictional concerns and filing deadlines. Our attorneys can initiate your case right away and explain your next steps forward. We can help you track your damages immediately and organize medical records confirming your injuries. The longer you wait to do this, the more hurdles you might face concerning gathering evidence and meeting the standard of proof in your lawsuit.

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