Lawyer for a Fishing Boat Accident in Florida

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    Lawyer for a Fishing Boat Accident in Florida

    Fishing is a time to relax for some, a way to earn a living for others. Regardless, fishing can be dangerous. When accidents happen aboard fishing boats in Florida, our lawyers can help the victims get the compensation they need.

    Fishing boat accidents on commercial and recreational vessels happen for various reasons, including operator inexperience and intoxication. Other common causes include bad weather and mechanical failure. Confirming the accident’s cause can help our lawyers determine liability for your injuries. For example, if the operator ran the fishing boat into another vessel, they would be liable for the accident. Your lawsuit can cover any injuries you sustained while fishing in Florida and other damages you incurred.

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    Top Causes of Fishing Boat Accidents in Florida

    Common causes of fishing boat accidents in Florida include operator inexperience, operator intoxication, bad weather conditions, and mechanical failure. No matter the cause of your recent incident, our fishing boat accident lawyers can help you bring a claim for compensation.

    Operator Inexperience

    Recreational fishing can be dangerous when an operator is inexperienced. According to the Boating Accident Statistical Report from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FFWCC), operator inexperience caused 100 boating accident deaths and five fatalities in 2022. When boaters are inexperienced, they may be less likely to keep a safe distance between themselves and other vessels on the water or follow safe boating procedures for fishing.

    Operator Intoxication

    Fishing is a recreational activity that often includes alcohol. If a boat operator is under the influence, they might fail to avoid hazards in the water or other vessels. Operator intoxication could lead to speeding and reckless boating, which could cause others fishing on a boat to fall overboard. According to the FFWCC, alcohol use caused seven boating accident fatalities in Florida in 2022.

    Bad Weather

    Though Florida’s weather can be somewhat unpredictable, looking at the forecast before fishing is important. When boat operators or fishing companies fail to prepare for poor weather, serious accidents might happen, causing injury to those on board. Bad weather might also increase the risk of slip and fall accidents on fishing boats. In 2022, bad weather conditions and hazardous waters caused a total of 58 boating accidents in Florida.

    Mechanical Failure

    Engine issues and other mechanical problems occur when boat operators or owners fail to maintain their vessels. Such issues caused 60 boating accidents in 2022. Boats might stall out due to engine issues, or onboard fires might happen, injuring passengers.

    Reporting Fishing Boat Accident Injuries in Florida

    Whether you were hurt on a recreational or commercial fishing boat in Florida, reporting the accident is important. By doing this, you can document the incident, the at-fault party’s actions, and your immediate injuries.

    If necessary, call 911 to report the accident. They will send the necessary law enforcement officers and emergency response services to the scene to provide help. If you cannot use your phone to call 911, use the radio on the fishing boat to call for help.

    You can also inform the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission about the accident. If you were hurt on a commercial fishing boat, inform your employer of the accident right away.

    Then go to the hospital. If you slipped on the deck and hit your head, you might have an underlying head injury. Or, if you fell overboard during a collision with another fishing boat, you might have certain brain injuries due to a temporary lack of oxygen. You should report any and all injuries to the necessary medical professionals and get the appropriate care.

    Liability for Fishing Boat Accidents in Florida

    Liability for a recent fishing boat accident will depend on the specific circumstances surrounding your case. Our lawyers can determine who is liable for your injuries by reviewing the available evidence, including police reports, eyewitness statements, and your personal recollections.

    If you joined fellow fishing enthusiasts on a recent outing in Florida, and the boat operator acted negligently, causing an accident, they might be liable for your injuries.

    Or, suppose you booked a fishing excursion with a company while vacationing in Florida, and either the operator or a crew member’s negligence caused your injuries. In that case, the company that employs them might be liable.

    Fishing companies operating in Florida must work to provide reasonably safe environments for their employees. If you were injured while working on a fishing boat in Florida, you might have a claim.

    Compensable Fishing Boat Accident Injuries in Florida

    Generally speaking, any injury caused by negligence is compensable. To ensure your recovery, document your injuries and any medical treatment you receive for them.

    According to the FFWCC, there were 109 reported instances of lacerations following boating accidents in 2022. Other common injuries include contusions, broken bones, head injuries, back injuries, and burns. Generally speaking, occupants are more likely to get hurt in accidents than operators.

    A lawsuit can cover the cost of treating such injuries and the damages you have incurred because of them. For example, if you sustained a head injury while fishing that prevents you from working, you can recover compensation for your lost income.

    When severe, fishing boat accident injuries might cause a victim considerable pain and suffering. The accident itself might cause trauma. For example, the fear you felt when the boat capsized during a collision or caught on fire during engine failure could cause permanent emotional damage. Victims might experience damages due to post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, and other emotional difficulties, which a lawsuit can cover.

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