Can You Sue Seabourn Cruises if You Were Injured on a Trip?

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    Can You Sue Seabourn Cruises if You Were Injured on a Trip?

    Seabourn Cruise Line is known for its small ship cruises. Travel on large cruise ships can often be dangerous in part because a ship of that size can be difficult to upkeep, and a passenger list that long can be difficult to manage. While many of the cruises Seabourn offers are on smaller ships that carry fewer passengers, serious accidents and injuries can still occur, potentially leading passengers to require medical evacuation and medical treatment for their injuries or illnesses.

    If you or a loved one was injured on a Seabourn Cruises ship, contact Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A. today. Our attorneys for injuries and accidents on a Seabourn cruise ship might be able to take your case and file a lawsuit against Seabourn for injuries and damages related to the harm you faced. For a free legal consultation on your case, call our lawyers today at (866) 386-1762.

    Suing Seabourn Cruises for Injuries and Accidents

    Seabourn is responsible for the day-to-day conditions on their ships and the safety of the passengers and crew on their vessels, as are most cruise lines and companies that own and operate ships. It is up to the company that owns and operates the ship – as well as its crew – to ensure that passengers are taken care of. While their customer service is one element of the services you pay for when you purchase a ticket, your status as a passenger on the ship also entitles you to many other rights and protections. Failing to uphold these standards can lead to injuries that the cruise line should be held responsible for.

    Cruise ships owe their passengers many legal duties. Cruise lines must keep their ships in safe working order to prevent catastrophic accidents causing injuries or fires aboard the ship. Moreover, smaller dangers from slipping and tripping hazards, electrocution, railing collapse, or other hazards on board should also be repaired or cleaned up. Other services the ship offers must also be performed with the proper care and skill. For example, food must be carefully prepared to avoid food poisoning or foodborne illness, water must be safe for drinking, and alcoholic beverages should not be served in excess to the point that passengers face a risk of injury.

    If the crew or cruise line was responsible for violating any of these duties, they might be responsible for any damages resulting from those injuries. You can often claim these damages through a lawsuit against the cruise company as long as you can tie the damages you faced to the mistakes and errors they committed.

    In addition to negligent mistakes, you can also sue for intentional injuries you face aboard a Seabourn cruise. Many cruise ship injuries occur because of violence and crime on a ship. Assaults by other passengers and members of the crew are unacceptable and are usually the result of the crew’s negligent security or intentional acts of aggression. Sexual assault committed by other passengers or ship staff and crew is even more problematic and is completely unacceptable, often justifying a lawsuit.

    Damages for Injuries on a Cruise Ship

    If you were injured on a cruise ship, you may be entitled to claim certain damages related to your injury. In many cases, injuries will result in pain and suffering. This can include the physical pain and discomfort you feel as well as other intangible harms, such as the emotional distress and mental anguish of an injury or assault. Although these damages are intangible, they can often supply the largest part of an injury lawsuit and may be claimed in lawsuits against negligent cruise companies.

    In addition, you can claim compensation for the financial and economic harms you faced because of an injury. Dealing with an injury can be expensive, and the costs can be quite high for emergency medical transportation, treatment at a hospital, a return trip home, and additional follow-up care, such as rehabilitation and physical therapy. If you were negligently treated by the ship’s physician or you suffered medical negligence at a foreign hospital, you may also suffer additional harms and injuries. The cruise line should be responsible for the full value of all of these injuries.

    You may also claim damages for wages that you lost because of the injuries. While people are typically on vacation when they are on a cruise ship, injuries that keep you laid up in a hospital or home from work beyond the last day of your vacation might mean lost wages and earnings. Serious injuries and disabilities caused by back injuries or head injuries might keep you from returning to work in your full capacity or force to require disability benefits. You can often claim damages for missed wages and lost earning capacity from the at-fault cruise line.

    Seabourn often portrays itself as a luxury cruise line, and keeping that public image means that they are unlikely to publicly admit fault for serious injuries and accidents. Many cruise ship injury claims face heavy resistance, and it is vital to work with an experienced cruise ship injury attorney to ensure that the responsible parties pay the full damages you are entitled to and that you are not denied damages for a legitimate claim.

    Call Our Seabourn Cruise Ship Injury Attorneys for a Free Case Consultation

    After a serious accident or injury on a cruise ship, call Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A. Our attorneys for injuries and accidents on Seabourn cruises fight to hold cruise companies like Seabourn responsible for the injuries their staff and crew cause to passengers and other crewmembers on their ships. If you or a loved one faced a serious injury on a Seabourn cruise, call our cruise ship accident lawyers today at (866) 386-1762 to set up a free legal consultation.

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