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Since 1983, our attorneys at Rivkind & Margulies, P.A. have handled many different types of accidents and injuries related to all types of water crafts including but not limited to cruise ships, recreational boats, yachts, commercial vessels, diving boats, personal watercrafts and jet skis. In addition, our Miami-based personal injury and wrongful death law firm has represented those injured or harmed in accidents on land related to medical malpractice, premise liability, travel and resort injury, products liability, and car accidents. For a more detailed list of the practice areas of Rivkind & Margulies, please visit our Practice Areas page.

This page is meant to offer some general information about our firm, including a lengthy list of cases we are currently working on and have worked on in the past, news articles we have been featured, awards we have received, and other firm news.

Attorney Brett Rivkind Joins CBS4 News To Discuss Legal Aspects In Suing Cruise Lines
Brett Rivkind interviewed on CBS News regarding the horrible shore excursion bus crash accident involving cruise ship passengers in Mexico. Eleven passengers were killed in the bus crash during the excursion sold by Royal Caribbean and Celebrity. We are currently handling a similar type of case against the exact same cruise ship company involving a tour bus accident in New Zealand.There are dangers associated with excursions the cruise lines do not warn about or do enough to address them for the safety of their passengers. Rather, they promote, sell and profit from these excursions and insist passengers only buy excursions from them.

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Brett Rivkind on Channel 10 news discussing the tour bus crash in Mexico
Our lead maritime attorney Brett Rivkind was recently interview by Channel 10 news talking about the deadly bus crash in Mexico and some tips do do before taking a shore excursion.

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Lawsuit Against Celebrity Cruises on Behalf of Injured in New Zealand Tour Bus Accident
Cruise ship lawyer Brett Rivkind has filed suit against Celebrity Cruises for the critical injuries passengers suffered in a tour bus accident during a New Zealand cruise excursion. The same cruise ship was involved in a deadly tour bus accident on Tuesday during a Mexican cruise excursion.

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Cruise Ship Passenger Water Slide Injury
Passenger hires Brett Rivkind to pursue a claim for compensatory and punitive damages against Norwegian Cruise Line for serious personal injuries which occurred on the Aqua Loop water slide. While another passenger was still inside the enclosed slide, the passenger was propelled at a high rate of speed down the waterslide, resulting in a collision causing passenger to be seriously injured.

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Cruise Ship Disappearances and Deaths Discussed in
In a recent article, seven cases of homicide or missing people involving cruise ships are discussed. This includes a discussion on the George Smith case titled Honeymooner Goes Overboard: Accident or Foul Play? Our office represented his family in their case against Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

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Lifeboat Injury
Miami maritime attorney Brett Rivkind hired by Italian crew member to bring a claim against cruise line for serious personal injuries and psychological damages as a result of a rescue boat plummeting to the sea during a safety drill.

Jet Ski Accident
Man killed in jet ski accident. Fort Lauderdale lawyer Brett Rivkind hired by wife to represent family.

Cruise Ship Sexual Assault
Cruise ship passenger hires Brett Rivkind to bring a claim against Carnival Cruise Line for sexual assault suffered.

Cruise Ship Drowning Accident
Passenger on board a Disney cruise ship drowns at Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island. Brett Rivkind retained by wife as counsel.

Jones Act Ruling
Brett Rivkind got a stay lifted in a bankruptcy court, allowing a seaman to be able to pursue his Jones Act case in federal court with a jury trial.

Arbitration Success
Brett Rivkind receives an arbitration award believed to be the largest amount awarded to crew member who suffered similar types of injuries.

Sailing Accident
Serious accident on a well-known J/160 sailing yacht named the Pipe Dream, which embarked on a transatlantic voyage, leads to lawsuit filed by attorney Brett Rivkind against owner of sailboat for improper supervision and instructions to the crew.

Lifeboat Accident
UK ship officer hires Miami and Fort Lauderdale cruise ship attorney Brett Rivkind to bring a case against Princess Cruises when he suffered career-ending injuries from a life boat drill, which resulted in the life boat plummeting to the sea.

Brett Rivkind Wins Important Ruling Regarding Expert Reports
Brett Rivkind obtains an important ruling in the Federal District Court of the Virgin Islands requiring defendant to provide the report of their medical expert in accordance with Federal Rule 35 governing compulsory physical examinations, rejecting defendant’s argument that the medical report did not have to be provided until expert reports were due pursuant to Federal Rule 26 disclosures.

Cruise Ship Overboard Accident
Brett Rivkind hired by family to pursue wrongful death claim against Royal Caribbean on behalf of their 21-year-old son. The victim fell overboard after being over-served alcohol, and there was a significant delay in implementing rescue efforts.

$6.3 Million Dollar Jury Verdict for Back Injury
Brett Rivkind secures a record jury verdict, awarding $6.3 million dollars against Royal Caribbean Cruises for a back injury sustained by crew member, which was named as the number 1 verdict in 2013 for admiralty and maritime cases.

Cruise Ship Passenger Injury
Passenger hires cruise ship attorney Brett Rivkind to bring a case against Royal Caribbean Cruises for injuries suffered during a FlowRider activity on board the cruise ship.

Cruise Ship Overboard Accident
Brett Rivkind represents family of girl who fell overboard from a Royal Caribbean International Cruise Ship.

Cruise Ship Sexual Assault
Passenger who was overserved alcohol hires Miami maritime attorney Brett Rivkind to bring a claim against Carnival Cruise Lines for sexual assault by other passengers.

Cruise Ship Disappearance
Family of George Smith hires Miami attorney Brett Rivkind to pursue case against Royal Caribbean when their son goes overboard during his honeymoon cruise. Foul play and potential murder was suspected

Cruise Ship Minor Falls Overboard
Brett Rivkind hired by Irish family to pursue claim against company for overserving alcohol to a 15-year-old minor, resulting in minor falling overboard.

*This is not a complete listing but rather a sample of some of our current and past cases. We are happy to share more details of our vast experience with handling admiralty and maritime cases during your free consultation.

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Mr. Rivkind and his team are outstanding and clearly some of the best in the field of maritime law, based on our experience. I appreciate their office for being approachable, extremely professional and pushing relentlessly for the success of my case. Can't thank them enough. Highly recommended! Sherma Noel George
This is the best maritime law firm in my opinion. If you want the best lawyer working on your case, this is the place. This firm is a good professional team with outstanding leadership and talented professionals. Once your case has been settled, you'll likely still continue to hear from Mr. Rivkind. His genuine warmth and kindness makes it near impossible not to become his friend. Thank you Brett for changing my family's life and mine. Willy Dolcin
Mr. Rivkind is highly talented and a very good lawyer. I believe Mr. Rivkind is absolutely the best maritime attorney in the United States. He fought for my rights, and never gave up. He is truly an example to all. The words don't exist to express my gratitude for having him represent me in the battle of my life. Mr. Rivkind you are eternally loved by your client. Virginia Walton
I was a former client of Mr. Rivkind, and I can honestly say that he had a tremendous impact on my life, a very positive one! Mr. Rivkind has exceptionally broad knowledge and experience with maritime law, and he's a great guy who is dedicated to helping people. Always focused, determined, and dedicated to achieving the best results for his clients.
I've nothing but love for Rivkind & Margulies, P.A.. Mr. Brett Rivkind has been there for me more than once and gotten me through some rough times. He gave me a new start, a new life. Mr. Rivkind fought for my medical treatment, for my well-being and to make sure I was given what was owed to me. No one like the best maritime lawyer in the world. Roger Mitchell Hilton
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