How Do I Report a Sexual Assault that Occurred on a Cruise Ship?

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    How Do I Report a Sexual Assault that Occurred on a Cruise Ship?

    Although reporting sexual assaults is often incredibly difficult for victims, doing so can be important. But what if you were assaulted on a cruise? How would you report the attack?

    You can immediately report a sexual assault to the security team aboard the cruise. Cruises are required to have medical staff on board capable of treating victims of sexual assault, so you can report to them for immediate care. If you were docked at a port at the time of the attack, you can report it to the local police. If not, our lawyers can help you inform law enforcement of the event when you return home. If you did not report a sexual assault that happened on a cruise, know that you are not alone. Many victims don’t make immediate reports, so our lawyers will be prepared to seek additional evidence of negligence and fault.

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    How Can You Report an Onboard Sexual Assault to a Cruise Ship Company?

    In the event that you were attacked on a cruise ship and sexually assaulted, reporting that attack, though understandably challenging, may be important. If you can, report the incident to the cruise ship company directly.

    You can do this by informing the security department aboard the cruise. Cruise ships do not have law enforcement on board, but they do often have some security personnel or other departments that process reports of incidents and crimes like sexual assault. When you make a report, you create documentation our lawyers may be able to use in a civil claim.

    Sexual assaults often cause physical injuries to victims that require medical evaluation. Such medical examinations can sometimes lead to physical evidence or other information that might be useful to a victim’s future case. Cruise ships typically have small medical teams on board. Furthermore, according to requirements set by the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act (CVSSA), those medical teams must have the equipment and resources necessary to provide care to victims of sexual assault.

    It will be important to report the assault to the cruise ship for several reasons. First, if we ultimately sue the cruise ship company for negligence in relation to the assault, the company might claim that it has no record of the attack taking place. Furthermore, reporting the assault and the assailant’s identity, if it is known to you, can help you ensure your safety until you leave the ship and return home.

    How Can You Report a Sexual Assault on a Cruise Ship to the Police?

    In addition to reporting the assault to the cruise ship company, you should also report it to law enforcement as soon as possible. This is often exceptionally difficult for survivors, and matters might become even more complicated by the fact that a sexual assault happened at sea.

    If the cruise ship was docked at a port when the assault took place, report it to local law enforcement. Officers will take your statement and include other pertinent information in a report. Such reports can be very useful to our cruise ship sexual assault attorneys when building the basis of your lawsuit.

    In addition to setting treatment guidelines for medical staff aboard cruise ships, the CVSSA also requires cruise ships that dock in the United States to report crimes and other incidences to the FBI. This includes instances of sexual assault and rape.

    The federal government typically has jurisdiction over any crimes that are committed at sea, meaning you might have to report the sexual assault to the FBI. This does not mean, however, that you will necessarily file your civil claim in federal court. The jurisdiction of your sexual assault lawsuit will depend on the specifics of your claim.

    In the event that you are having difficulty reporting a recent sexual assault aboard a cruise ship to law enforcement, our lawyers can help you do so, resulting in documentation that can strengthen your case.

    What if You Did Not Report a Sexual Assault that Occurred on a Cruise Ship?

    If you did not report a sexual assault that happened onboard a cruise, do not assume that you will be unable to sue the cruise ship for negligence. Our lawyers will focus on using other evidence to prove liability.

    Rarely do victims of sexual assault report these attacks to law enforcement. In fact, according to data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, it is estimated that just over 21% of sexual assaults and rapes were reported to the police in 2022. That is to say, if you did not report a sexual assault that occurred on a cruise ship to law enforcement, you are not alone. Furthermore, if you recently returned home from a cruise, there is still ample time to report a sexual assault.

    Again, because having police reports for sexual assaults can be rare, our lawyers will be prepared to gather and organize the evidence that is available in your case. For example, under the CVSSA, cruise ships must have onboard surveillance systems. If you did not report the assault but, after obtaining security camera footage, we are able to submit video evidence confirming it took place, you can still find success in your case. All of that is to say victims should not be discouraged if they did not report an assault and should instead speak with our lawyers about their options. A victim’s medical records, photographs, witness statements, and other evidence can be used in a claim against the individual assailant or one involving the cruise ship company.

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