Our lead trial lawyer Brett Rivkind has an international reputation for dedication and excellence. His hard work and success have been recognized extensively through awards and special recognitions.

List of Endorsements

Who Do You Sue if You are Injured as a Worker at the Port of Miami?

Anyone who works at the Port of Miami understands that the job can be challenging and physically demanding. Additionally, the job is often inherently dangerous. Unfortunately, accidents occur on the job – sometimes leaving workers with devastating injuries. In...

How Does the Jones Act Affect Lawsuits Involving Cruise Ships?

The Jones Act of 1920 is a broad federal law that affects the transportation of goods throughout the United States. However, this law also plays a role in affecting the rights of potential plaintiffs that may be injured on a cruise ship. Employees of a cruise ship...

I Was Hurt Bad on a Boat in Florida – What Do I Do?

If you were out boating on a rental boat, a friend’s fishing boat, or even a tour boat or ferry, there is always a chance you could be injured. If you fell on the deck, were involved in an accident, or were hit by a propeller, you could face serious injuries...

How Do I Sue a Cruise Ship Company?

Cruise ships carry millions of passengers each year. While most people will go on a cruise without any serious issues, others find themselves facing serious injuries from accidents, illness, or crime aboard the ship. If the company that operates the ship was...

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Brett Rivkind is a lawyer that not only cares but also a lawyer that makes a difference. Whether its speaking in congress to help promote safety awareness in legislation or representing clients in court seeking compensation for their injuries, Brett Rivkind is passionate about his dedication toward both promoting safety at sea and helping clients in need who have been harmed at sea.

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Jury verdict obtained by Brett Rivkind selected to hall of fame of jury verdicts. This case is believed to be a record verdict of this particular type of case.

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