Can You Sue if Norwegian Cruise Line Lied to Passengers about COVID?

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    Can You Sue if Norwegian Cruise Line Lied to Passengers about COVID?

    At the end of March 2020, the Florida Attorney General began looking into allegations that the Norwegian Cruise Line allegedly misrepresented the dangers of COVID-19 and the coronavirus to passengers. These allegations could mean that thousands of passengers booked cruises or kept their reservations based on these statements, but actually had their health and safety put in danger.

    If you or a loved one went on a Norwegian cruise in late February and March 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic, call Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A. Our attorneys for a Norwegian Cruise Line class action lawsuit for lying to passengers about the coronavirus and COVID-19 offer free legal consultations. If you were harmed, we might be able to add you to the class action lawsuit against the cruise line to help you and others in your situation get financial compensation. Call us at (866) 386-1762 to set up your free legal consultation.

    Suing Norwegian Cruise Line for Coronavirus Exposure

    The coronavirus pandemic was seen as a serious international concern as late as January 2020, but it was not until mid-March that the U.S. government put a halt on all cruises. However, in the nearly 2 months between the spread of public fears and the final halt to cruises, many cruises still set sail with passengers. It is possible that these cruises committed negligence by putting passengers at risk – and potentially even by lying to them about how dangerous the cruise could be.

    Cruise ships owe their passengers certain duties to keep them safe and healthy. If there is a known disease spreading among cruise passengers, it is up to the cruise line to cancel cruises or take proper precautions to screen passengers, limit exposure, and even institute quarantines on the vessel once they learn of the spread on board. If cruise ships fail to do this, passengers and crew members can get sick and suffer serious complications or death from their illness.

    Moreover, it appears that Norwegian Cruise Lines may have made statements to lull passengers into a false sense of safety. Leaked e-mails from a whistleblower allegedly show Norwegian giving crew instructions to tell passengers that the risk of coronavirus aboard their vessels would be lessened in the warm weather in the Caribbean and that the passengers had nothing to worry about except having “enough sunscreen.”

    If these allegations are proven in a court of law, any passengers who went on a Norwegian cruise and were exposed to coronavirus after negligent cleaning and screening or intentional misrepresentations about ship safety might be entitled to join a class action lawsuit against the cruise line.

    Joining a Class Action Lawsuit for Coronavirus Victims of Norwegian Cruises

    If you were injured because Norwegian misrepresented the dangers of coronavirus and failed to properly respond to the crisis, you might be entitled to join a class action lawsuit. The attorneys at Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A. have a long history of representing victims of injury and illness on cruise ships, and we are doing our best to help victims of COVID-19 as well.

    In a class action lawsuit, individuals who faced the same kinds of harms caused by the same parties can group their cases together. This makes the claim stronger: not only were 1 or 2 people injured, but hundreds faced harm. These kinds of cases are often settled with each member of the class receiving a share of the damages.

    In many class action cases, the class is left open so that other people can opt-in to the lawsuit and get damages. In the early stages, we will need victims to come forward and tell their stories so that we can put their cases forward in court. From there, any additional claimants can come forward as well.

    Damages for Lawsuits Against Cruises

    The damages that you can claim in a lawsuit for injuries and illness on a cruise ship depend on the specifics of the case. In a class action lawsuit, many of these damages are averaged out per person rather than claiming the individualized damages you faced in your case. Either way, the following types of damages are likely to come up in a case like this one:

    Medical Care Costs

    The coronavirus is a very serious illness, and many victims are being hospitalized or even passing away because of the complications. If you were left on a cruise ship and did not receive proper medical care at the beginning, you could face more complications down the road. If you spent time in the hospital before recovering or if a loved one required expensive hospitalization before they passed away, these care costs could be substantial.

    Lost Wages

    While everyone’s work conditions are uncertain at this time, being unable to work because you have coronavirus could entitle you to damages for lost wages from the cruise line that allowed you to catch COVID-19. You could also receive compensation for a deceased loved one’s lost wages going forward, as well as other damages for the loss of a loved one.

    Pain and Suffering

    One of the most severe consequences of COVID-19 is that it makes breathing difficult. For many, the suffering associated with this disease is immense and could lead to high damages for pain and suffering.

    Punitive Damages

    As part of a large claim against a big cruise line, our attorneys would like to seek punitive damages. These are additional damages that the defendant pays as a penalty for their negligence and misrepresentations. We will likely be seeking these damages in this case.

    Call Our Attorney for Lawsuits Against Norwegian Cruises for COVID-19 and Misrepresentations About the Dangers of Coronavirus

    Do not let your story go unheard. Our attorneys for a class action lawsuit against Norwegian Cruise Line for lying about COVID-19 dangers are seeking plaintiffs that were injured by misrepresentations and faulty information from Norwegian Cruise Lines. If you or a loved one contracted the coronavirus after sailing on a Norwegian cruise, contact our lawyers today to learn more about making your case part of our class action lawsuit. Call our law offices today at (866) 386-1762 to set up a free legal consultation.

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