Can Carnival Cruise Employees Who Were Stuck at Sea During Covid File a Lawsuit?

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Cruise ship workers for many cruise lines, including Carnival, have found themselves stuck on cruise ships during the coronavirus pandemic. At the beginning, cruise workers often did not get the chance to stay at home like many other workers did, and some have found themselves still stick on cruise ships during quarantine, unable to return home because of complex repatriation rules and logistics.

If you or a loved one works for Carnival Cruise Line and was stranded on a ship during the coronavirus outbreak, call Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A. Our attorneys for Carnival Cruise employees stuck at sea due to coronavirus might be able to file a lawsuit on your behalf to help you seek damages for the physical and mental distress of your conditions, your injuries, and any illness from COVID-19 you contracted on board. We can also help to seek compensation for those who have lost loved ones that were stranded while working on Carnival Cruise ships during the pandemic. For a free legal consultation, contact us today at (866) 386-1762.

Lawsuits for Cruise Ship Workers Stranded on Cruise Ships During the COVID-19 Pandemic

If you work on a cruise ship and are now facing the effects of COVID-19 or suffering unsanitary or inhumane conditions while in quarantine, you might be entitled to compensation. Cruise ships might have difficulties dealing with international law and the laws of various countries and states while trying to get cruise workers back home, but many of the conditions on these ships are faltering in the meantime. Workers on many cruise ships – not necessarily Carnival ships – have reported unsafe or inhumane conditions including long-term solitary quarantine in their cabins for 21 hours per day. Even on ships where social distancing practices have allowed workers to leave their rooms, many cruise ship crewmembers are being driven to mental health problems and severe distress.

If you were injured or subjected to inhumane or unsanitary conditions, you might be entitled to file a lawsuit against the cruise ship. Many cruise workers have admitted to feeling suicidal or severely distressed because of their conditions, but it is not clear that the cruises have done everything they should have along the way to prevent the conditions that led to these issues.

Cruise ships that failed to screen passengers, release vulnerable staff early, and send sick crewmembers ashore for medical treatment could be considered negligent in their handling of the coronavirus outbreak. Inappropriate quarantine measures that put cruise workers’ physical and mental health at risk could also be cause for alarm and grounds for a potential lawsuit if their actions were unreasonable. Lastly, unsafe conditions that led crewmembers to be able to access unsafe locations from which to attempt suicide could also be the cruise company’s fault.

If you or a loved one was injured or of you lost a loved one due to the conditions they face while stranded on a cruise ship, our attorney might be able to file a lawsuit on your behalf and fight to get you the compensation you need.

Damages for Injured and Ill Cruise Employees Stuck on Carnival Cruise Ships During Coronavirus

The damages that you face in your case will depend heavily on the circumstances of your case. In some instances, passengers on these ships might be sick, and they could be going without proper medical attention. If the cruise ship is responsible for treating you and has not provided you with proper treatment or reasonable access to medical evacuation, your health could be at risk, and you could need additional, intensive care when you finally get treatment. In many cases, this kind of negligence could have also led to deaths. Alternatively, cruise ship workers suffering from unsanitary or unhealthy conditions could face other injuries, illness, and mental health effects that could entitle them to compensation.

The damages for additional medical care could be claimed in a lawsuit. If you needed intensive treatment at a hospital because of the conditions on the cruise ship, you could be entitled to claim the cost of these damages in full. If your injury or illness was caused by the Carnival Cruise ship’s negligence in handling quarantine procedures or screening passengers, they should be required to pay for the medical bills they caused you.

Damages for a deceased loved one can be substantial. If your loved one was killed because of the conditions on a cruise ship during the coronavirus pandemic, you might be entitled to claim damages for their end-of-life medical care, their end-of-life pain and suffering, funeral and burial expenses, lost wages, lost companionship, and other damages.

If you faced physical, mental, or emotional suffering because of the conditions aboard the ship, you could be entitled to damages exclusively for these issues. The conditions in quarantine on a cruise ship – especially an extended quarantine like this one – could be inhumane and unreasonable. Your conversations with others and your testimony about the conditions you faced could help show a jury the pain and suffering you faced and help prove how much compensation you deserve for these harms.

Call Our Attorneys for Carnival Cruise Employees Stuck on Coronavirus-Affected Cruise Ships

Talk to a Miami crewmember accident lawyer about whether you have a claim and what kinds of damages you might be entitled to. The attorneys for carnival cruise employees stuck at sea due to coronavirus have been monitoring the developing conditions that cruise workers and passengers face because of the coronavirus, and we are prepared to take cases on behalf of injured or ill workers and the families of Carnival cruise employees who lost their lives because of the pandemic and potentially negligent responses from cruise companies. For a free legal consultation on your potential case, call Rivkind Margulies & Rivkind, P.A today at (866) 386-1762.

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