Our lead trial lawyer Brett Rivkind has an international reputation for dedication and excellence. His hard work and success have been recognized extensively through awards and special recognitions.

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How Do I Sue a Cruise Ship Company?

Cruise ships carry millions of passengers each year. While most people will go on a cruise without any serious issues, others find themselves facing serious injuries from accidents, illness, or crime aboard the ship. If the company that operates the ship was...

Can You Sue a Cruise Ship Company?

Horror stories about cruise ships and injuries on board are often in the news. Many people get injured or fall overboard every year. Others get sick from foodborne illnesses or viruses that easily spread aboard a ship. If you were injured or got sick on a cruise ship,...

Can You Sue if You Were Quarantined on a Cruise Ship?

“Quarantine” can be a terrifying word. Most people think of plagues and deadly illness when they hear the word “quarantine,” and they are afraid that to be quarantined means that you are in danger. In reality, quarantine is usually a good tool to help prevent the...

Can You Sue if You Were Exposed to Coronavirus on a Cruise?

The coronavirus pandemic already claimed the lives of thousands and brought millions across the world under its effects. In the early weeks of the outbreak, cruise passengers became some of the first to face widespread quarantine. Many incidents reported in news...

Can You Sue if You Caught Coronavirus on a Cruise Ship?

The coronavirus pandemic is still reaching its peak as of the writing of this article, and the CDC has halted all new cruises as of March 14, 2020. However, many cruises have already been quarantined because of coronavirus on board. This means that many passengers and...

Is Rape or Sexual Assault on a Cruise Ship a Crime?

A disturbing number of cruise ships have had reports of staff and crew failing to prevent rape and sexual assault on board.  Victims of these kinds of assaults may be on the ship for vacation or while working as a crew member or entertainer.  Fortunately for these...

How Often Do Cruise Ship Passengers Fall Overboard?

There has been another reported incident of a passenger on a cruise ship falling overboard. This past Wednesday, a 23-year-old male passenger from Florida was reported to have fallen from the eighth deck of the Carnival Victory, a Carnival Cruise Line ship, at around...

Should Lifeguards Be Required on Cruise Ships?

We have previously reported about drownings on cruise ships. We believe this is a major problem that needs to be addressed. We have handled too many cruise ship drowning cases that we believe could have been prevented. Cruise ship drowning accident lawyer Brett...

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Brett Rivkind is a lawyer that not only cares but also a lawyer that makes a difference. Whether its speaking in congress to help promote safety awareness in legislation or representing clients in court seeking compensation for their injuries, Brett Rivkind is passionate about his dedication toward both promoting safety at sea and helping clients in need who have been harmed at sea.

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Jury verdict obtained by Brett Rivkind selected to hall of fame of jury verdicts. This case is believed to be a record verdict of this particular type of case.

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